Peeping Tom Photographed In Act Spying On Own Housemate, So Why Did Cops Let Him Go?

A shameless peeping tom was not only caught but actually photographed outside the first flor window of a house in Liverpool, England, performing a solo sex act as he stared through a bedroom window at a 22-year-old woman.

The incident itself is disturbing enough, but even more unsettling, and mysterious, is what local police did with the blatant voyeur when they finally caught him.


The incident happened back in April, but has only recently gone public, because the victim of the voyeur, Liverpool Hope School student Sam Walton, says she is upset and frightened by the casual attitude taken by the cops toward the outrageous violation of her privacy.

The young man living next door, who took the photo of the peeping tom, shouted at the deviant to stop what he was doing. At that point, the creep got scared and jumped down from the roof where he had positioned himself outside Walton’s window as she watched TV in bed in the late-night hours.

Peeping tom photo

But apparently this particular pervert just couldn’t control himself. After about five minutes, he climbed back onto the roof and resumed his peeping tom activities.

Eventually, the neighbor’s mom found out about the unsetlling situation and went next door to inform Walton that she was being watched by a sicko.

“I freaked out. I was afraid whoever was out there might have climbed in through my open window while I answered the door, so I asked the lady to come up with me while I closed it,” Walton recalled. “I also noticed footprints on the roof near my window. I arranged a house meeting, and naturally they were worried.”

They should have been. As it turned out, the peeping tom was one of them. Walton’s neighbor approached her a few days after the incident to say that he had recognized the voyeur — and that it was one of her own housemates.

“When I saw the picture and saw how close he was, it made me think he had done it before,” Walton said.

But whether the man had indeed committed the same crime earlier will likely never be known, because the police let the man go without charges, claiming a lack of evidence, despite the photos.

“When they came to arrest him, they found clothes matching the descriptions and those seen in the photos,” said a frustrated Walton. “The whole situation was hellish, and now this pervert’s got off scot-free. There are clearly some real weirdos out there, and what is worse is that the police didn’t seem to care.”

Reportedly, the peeping tom was a foreign student who was simply allowed to return to his home country. Police made no other details about the man available.