Boy Scouts Covered Up Various Attacks By Serial Rapist Scout Leader [Investigation]

The Boy Scouts of America are under fire once again this time after officials in Southern California failed to report various rape accusations made against a child-molesting Scout leader.

According to the Los Angeles Times Rick Turley started molesting little boys in British Columbia, Canada in 1970 and at one point kidnapped a child. After serving time for his crimes Turley re-enlisted as a Scout leader in Southern California where he was accepted and then molested three more children.

After parents refused to press charges against Turley the Boy Scouts of America allowed him to return to Canada without so much as a police report filed. Once back on his home soil the Scout leader continued to molest other Boy Scouts.

In a CBC investigation one victim says he’s still scarred by the issue while another former Scout staff says:

“Leaders were more interested in covering it up and doing damage control.”

Even Rick Turley himself has spoken out against the organization’s failure to report him, noting that one call to police:

“Probably would have put a stop to me years and years and years ago. That person who was Rick Turley was a monster.”

The Boy Scouts of America are already under fire for keeping the names of 5,000 molesters under wraps in a set of documents now referred to as the “perversion files.” Last year 1,200 of those names were entered into a Scout sex abuse case and now child advocacy groups and victims’ right groups are fighting to have those court-sealed names released to the general public.

Does it surprise you to learn that the Boy Scouts of America are once again allowing serial rapists to exist within their ranks without so much as picking up the phone to warn authorities and parents?