Death Defying Beagle Named Daniel Sought by Hundreds of Animal Adopters

Hundreds of people have contacted the 11th Hour Rescue shelter to ask about the death defying beagle named Daniel.

When an animal shelter became overcrowded in Alabama, Daniel and 18 other dogs were put into a gas chamber. When the animal control officers returned to the chamber, Daniel was sitting at the door wagging his tail. All the other dogs were dead.

Karen Rudolph, who provided Daniel a temporary home at Schnauzer Savers Rescue of West Tennessee, said:

“Amazingly, not only did he survive the gas chamber which is very rare … he was not sick. It was almost as though angels pulled him out of there and he didn’t even breathe the gas.”

According to Good Morning America, Rudoplh decided to name the 5-year-old beagle Daniel after the biblical story of Daniel, who walked out of a lion’s den unscathed.

Daniel is now staying with 11th Hour Rescue. At his new shelter, he received an additional name. The beagle now goes by Daniel Milagro, which means “miracle” in Spanish.

Linda Schiller, the president of 11th Hour Rescue, said that within an hour of Daniel’s story hitting the internet she received hundreds of emails from potential adopters. Schiller says that she’s happy that people are paying attention to Daniel, but she hopes that people don’t forget about the other dogs in the shelter.

“We have dogs that are just as wonderful as him that were on death row, but didn’t walk out of a gas chamber. They’re happy and they’re wagging their tales and ready to be adopted.”

Do you think the death defying beagle named Daniel was saved by divine intervention? Luck? Lungs of steel?