Tony Mendez, Bill Scheft Fight: Mendez Fired From David Letterman Show

Tony Mendez, cue card man for the David Letterman show, has been fired for assaulting — or scruffing up — staff writer Bill Scheft, according to the latest report from TMZ. The two men had not been getting along for quite some time, but things came to head last week when Tony Mendez’ temper got the best of him.

According to Mendez, he was tired of Scheft interrupting his conversations with David Letterman, and for criticizing his work and standing over him, instead of allowing him to do what he does well. Tensions and resentment had build up so much between the cue card expert and the staff writer that by the time Mendez arrived on set Thursday he was ready for a fight. Here is what Tony Mendez told the New York Post about what happened next.

“I just grabbed him by the shirt. He was very surprised. He didn’t say a word. He was cowering, his eyes were real big, he probably peed a little bit on his pants.”

Tony Mendez believes the events that happened the day before is what heightened the already intense situation. According to Mendez, he was having a conversation with David Letterman when he was rudely interrupted by Bill Scheft. When Mendez called Scheft out on it, Letterman told him, “Tony, your sour disposition isn’t helping.”

The awkward exchange ended in Tony Mendez telling Letterman that he was the one with the sour disposition, and then topped that statement with “motherf**ker.”


Mendez was cut to the core that Letterman had responded to him in that manner, even though Tony Mendez and David Letterman have a history of taking jabs at one another from time to time.

“He doesn’t do that with anybody — but he feels comfortable with me. That brings a bit of normalcy — because everyone else is like, ‘Yes, yes, Mr. Letterman. If you want something impossible, yes, we’ll do it, Mr. Letterman.'”

Looking back, Tony Mendez knows that he was wrong for cursing Bill Scheft out and grabbing him by the shirt, but insists that he never actually hit the writer. As for Dave Letterman, Mendez says he doesn’t harbor any bad feelings against him, stating that Dave was a “generous boss” that has never let him down. Earlier this year, David Letterman announced that he would do his last Late Show in 2015, as stated in a previous Inquisitr article.

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