November 6, 2016
Hamas Resumes Rocket Fire Against Israel, IDF Claims 'False Alarms' In Alleged Cover-Up

Following the bitter summer conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a much needed and very welcome ceasefire has been in place since the unofficial end of the fighting.

But since then, over the past month or so, color red air raid sirens have been heard by residents of Israel's southern towns, which are located adjacent to Gaza, on a sporadic basis. The media in Israel did report that the sirens had indeed been activated, but the official IDF line was that they were nothing more than "false alarms," and as such, were nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, Major (res.) Ran Levy, a social activist who heads the "Hadromiyim" ("The Southerners") organization, that fights for the rights of residents of Israel's south, accused the IDF of lying about the color reds on Sunday, claiming that Hamas have indeed resumed rocket fire on the Jewish State.

According to Levy, the color red sirens are sounding for good reason, as rockets are surely being fired from Gaza from time-to-time.

Levy claimed to reporters, "I am an officer in the Home Front Command and I say, as a resident of Ashkelon, that there is no such thing as a false alarm and there never was. Once the system identifies a launch, it calculates within a short time the area in which the rocket is expected to fall, so there is no such thing as a false alarm."

To Levy's mind, the IDF is covering up the fact that rockets are being fired from Hamas, due to the obviously fragile political situation at the moment in the Middle East.

As levy said, "It may be receiving instructions from the prime minister and the defense minister, so that Israel is not required to respond, since we are in a ceasefire now. I regret to say that [Hamas] are continuing to equip themselves with raw materials, cement and iron, and carry out tests, and they tell us these are false alarms so that we do not respond."

And Levy makes a good point. If one considers that during the recent war, which saw over 4,000 short and long-range rockets fired from Hamas into Israel, not to mention the deaths of many Palestinians, there were no false alarms on the color red system at all.

"There were no false alarms during the war, so why are they occurring now? What are they waiting for? For a rocket or mortar shell to strike a school or kindergarten? And when that happens. God forbid, the government will have to resign, because it will not be able to lie to the citizens and I will not be the only one who doesn't believe the IDF Spokesman."

No doubt, if Hamas have resumed their barrages of rocket fire on southern Israel, there will be explosions or casualties soon enough, and if such a thing happens, it will be not be simple for the IDF to cover-up the situation any further.