Hamas Urges Palestinians To ‘Fight Till The Last Drop Of Blood’ After Temple Mount Prayers

Despite a gesture of goodwill by Israel to allow 500 Gazan residents to pray on the Temple Mount, Hamas urged Gazan civilians to riot after prayers on Friday, which is the Eid al-Adha “sacrifice of Ishmael” festival.The Temple Mount is the most holy site for Jews and one of a number of holy sites for Muslims,

Today, Hamas released statements via local media sources in Gaza and the West Bank calling for Muslims who attend the prayers to gather at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which sits above the famous Western Wall where Jews pray, and “defend” it, proclaiming, “We will fight till the last drop of blood.”

The statement is a little curious as the mosque, as well as the whole Temple Mount, is administered by the Waqf (Islamic trust), controlled by Jordan, and is not under any threat, while Jews and Christians are forbidden by the Waqf from praying anywhere on the mount.

The Jerusalem district police decided on Thursday to limit entry for Muslim men under 50 due to fear of renewed riots and the police confirmed that officers were to be deployed across Eastern Jerusalem, as well as in the Old City.

During the latest round of rioting, rocks and fireworks were hurled at police and at least four officers were wounded.

Perhaps the only good thing to come from the rioting is the fact that the IDF now knows for sure that Hamas is funding and encouraging the riots on the Temple Mount. A senior Hamas terrorist, Mohammed Toameh, had been captured and admitted in investigation that the group funds violent riots on the holy site.

Toameh stated that Islamist groups in Israel launder Hamas cash and “donate” it to young Muslims to “study Islam” on the Temple Mount – in fact, they were earning between 4,000 and 5,000 shekels ($1200 – $1500) a month to throw rocks when Jews visit the site in order to block Jewish access.

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