October 17, 2014
Man Mistakes Two Women For Prostitutes, Asks For Sex, They Knock Him Out With One Punch

Kondrat Golubev thought that all of his Christmases had come at once when he stumbled upon two women he believed were prostitutes. However when he asked them how much they charge for sex, he was brutally rebuffed by one of the women who knocked him out with one punch.

Golubev, 32, had been drinking in the eastern Kazhakhstan city of Atyrau when he decided to stop consuming booze briefly in order to have a cigarette. While he was outside, he noticed two girls walking by.

Golubev decided that he would ask them for a drink. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, he probably just wanted to share his good time with the two lovely ladies. However, when they rejected his proposition, Golubev then shot back with a question that wasn't so gentlemanly in nature.

Golubev then asked the duo how much they charged for sex. Unfortunately for Golubev, they didn't take too kindly to his question. An argument soon broke out between the trio, resulting in him getting punched in the face so hard that he was immediately knocked out.

Anatoli Pokrovski, 36, saw the entire incident unfold, and he admitted that the women weren't too happy with the drunken attempt to be solicited.

"The women were clearly offended and he never expected what happened next, even though the woman really telegraphed the punch. She hit him so hard he fell flat on the pavement."

However Golubev's pain didn't stop there. Pokrovski then added that the other woman who had been propositioned then joined in the abuse and even began to kick him while he was on the ground. It was at this point that the original woman who had punched Golubev decided that he'd undergone enough punishment, declaring that "he'd had enough." They then walked away as if "nothing had happened," and took the gesture in their stride.

You can watch a clip of the entire incident below.

Pokrovski admitted that he was completely shocked by what had transpired. It has since been revealed that Golubev had to be taken to hospital for treatment, and it was later revealed that he had suffered a "concussion" in the incident.

It has also been announced that police offices in the region are now hunting the duo responsible for the assault. They believe that the woman who hit Golubev "is trained in some form of martial arts."

A police spokesman also added, "We don't think she is a boxer because of the way her thumb extends over the top of her index finger. But the force behind that punch was so great we suspect this is not the first time she was hit something hard."