For The Love Of Music: ‘God Only Knows’ Beach Boys Star-Studded Spectacular [Video]

Get ready for the best thing you’ll see all week!

What an incredible collaboration to help launch the new BBC Music, “an ambitious wave of new programmes, innovative partnerships and ground-breaking music initiatives that amount to the BBC’s strongest commitment to music in 30 years,” The Guardian reports.

Pharrell, Chris Martin, Sam Smith, Dave Grohl, Sir Elton John, Lorde, One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder, Florence Welch, and more amazing artists came together to sing the Beach Boys classic song “God Only Knows.”

Original Beach Boys member Brian Wilson makes an epic (and appropriate) appearance in the song as well.

By the way, the video was filmed at London’s Alexandra Palace, where the BBC’s first broadcast occurred nearly 100 years ago.

The song will also be released as a single, which benefits the BBC’s Children In Need charity.

The song and video are reminiscent of other charity-driven mass-collaborations like the 1980s anthem “We Are The World,” which featured some of the same artists that appear in this song and video, as well as prominently featuring the late Michael Jackson.

In the 1990s, everybody was talking about the celebs that partnered for a cover of “Give Peace a Chance.”

Much more recently, in support of the fight against cancer, musicians and artists came together to sing the song “Stand Up 2 Cancer,” aligned with the live television event that celebrated its fifth year in 2014. Hulu offers those who missed the telethon a chance to relive the evening that was televised on all the major networks.

Incidentally, The Inquisitr recently shared a video commissioned by Nestle that fit a busty woman with a hidden bra camera. As you can imagine, the “eyes” have it. The ad points out that women’s breasts are “checked out” every day, and encourages women to check their own breasts out, or rather, to perform frequent self-breast examinations to check for lumps.

Celebrities and musicians have long been vehicles for the promotion of causes of all kinds. In September of 1985, the first Farm Aid was held to benefit family farmers across the United States. The live concert event was organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young. The catalyst was comments made by Bob Dylan at that year’s Live Aid event, in which he expressed his desire for some of the funds to aid American farmers that were in danger of losing their farms to mortgage debt, authors Daniel Durchholz and Gary Graff noted in their book Neil Young: Long May You Run.