Bra Camera Video Proves Guys Really, Really Care About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The bra camera either proves one of two things. Either guys are really, really concerned about breast cancer awareness month and they’re letting their eyes do the talking or they are simply staring at the ladies way more than they should. While the latter scenario is probably more likely, Nestle created the above video as a friendly reminder that checking out your breasts is also a health issue.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a breast cancer drug called Perjeta could extend the lives of patients by 15 months. Some people are arguing that nude bra designs are inherently racist because they’re white in tone, which has a company called Nubian Skin trying to address the problem.

While the bra camera may be controversial for different reasons, you have got to admit it is drawing a lot of attention to an important issue. A Nestle Fitness campaign had Eloise Oliver purposefully inviting the stares of strangers directed straight at her chest. For a whole day, she walked around sporting a bright pink bra and an unzipped shirt that flaunted her breasts to every gawking passersby. She captured every single one of these stares with the bra camera and is using the results to make a good point.

The idea behind the bra camera video is to promote breast cancer awareness month in October. The video reminds women to checks their breasts regularly by saying, “Your breasts are checked out every day. So, when was the last time you checked your own? #CheckYourSelfie.”

The Nestle Fitness campaign also created another behind-the-scenes video that explained the reason behind the bra camera and how Oliver felt about having so many guys gawking at her chest.

“It took me a little while to get used to it, but after a while I think I mastered angling slightly my boobs towards people,” she admitted, but then reminded everyone why the bra camera video was necessary. “It’s so important for everyone whether you be male or female to make sure that your breasts are checked.”

The bra camera video has already generated well over two million views on YouTube, so it would seem everyone is getting the message about breast cancer awareness month.

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