Stephen Collins’ Victims Included His Daughter’s Preteen Babysitter

7th Heaven star Stephen Collins is in a lot of hot water for child molestation charges this week, accusations Collins has confessed to. Now more news is coming out about Collins’ alleged victims, who they were and how they knew the actor.

According to the New York Daily News, one of Stephen Collins’ victims was the preteen babysitter who watched his daughter on a regular basis. Collins’ wife sent an email in July of 2012 which triggered the molestation investigation against Stephen Collins. In the email, Collins’ wife Faye Grant explains that she and Stephen would take summer trips to New York throughout the 90s, during which the babysitter would look after their daughter. That girl allegedly became one of three young girls who Stephen Collins confessed to molesting.

Strangely, Stephen Collins starred in a made-for-TV movie about a wealthy father taking advantage of his children’s babysitter, played by Keri Russell. The film was called The Babysitter’s Seduction.

A close source claims the original email was sent by Grant to one of Collins’ victims, although it’s unclear of this woman was Collins’ babysitter. But in the email exchange, the young woman alleges that Stephen Collins once tried to get her to touch his penis when she was only 14 years old while visiting a relative, who was Collins’ wife at the time. The victim sent a letter to the New York and Los Angeles police in 2000.

“Stephen lied when confronted 12 years ago,” Faye Grant’s email read. “He said he had a hole in his holey jeans, as was the style then, and that you ‘must have’ seen his genitalia one time. I do not think he has allowed himself, or perhaps he is not capable of experiencing the pain he has caused children.”

According to Perez Hilton, Collins’ molestation victim only decided to come forward once she read some erotic novels written by Stephen Collins himself. Reading the explicit material seemingly triggered a reaction in the woman which resulted in her mailing the anonymous letter to the police. Stephen Collins’ wife then confronted him and recorded his confession.

Further allegations have claimed that Faye Grant was trying to use the incriminating recording of Stephen Collins to get more money out of him and a larger portion of the couple’s estate. The recording has since been leaked. Grant has since denied having anything to do with the leaked recording as well as denied seeking more than her fair share. Grant’s lawyer, Larry Ginsberg, released a statement on Wednesday explaining the position of Stephen Collins’ spouse:

“Faye requested that Mr. Collins create a trust fund for their daughter, and further requested that he make a contribution to a charitable organization benefiting sexually abused children. To falsely characterize these requests as extortion threats is reckless and constitutes yet further abuse.”

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