Amanda Bynes: ‘I Am Getting Married’ — But What She Said Next Will Shock You!

It’s official — Amanda Bynes is getting married!

Amanda Bynes confirmed the rumored reports of her upcoming nuptials with a tweet on her official Twitter page. However, it’s not really the part about Amanda getting married that shocked most people; it was what she said after that brief announcement in the same tweet.

“I am getting married and my boyfriend and I are going to be on the cover of People magazine.”

As of right now, there has been no official report from People Magazine confirming whether or not Amanda Bynes will be featured alongside her boyfriend on the cover of an upcoming issue.

However, there is some speculation that the part about People Magazine is all in Amanda’s head and nowhere else. Most of those claims originated shortly after Amanda Bynes elaborated on her first tweet with an additional message explaining why Amanda believed People would put her on the cover.

“Because although they have made up things about me before, they will omit any error they’ve made.”

This statement was clearly directed at the tabloids that Amanda Bynes said she would be suing in a series of multiple tweets that were posted to her account earlier the same day.

“Well I am suing In Touch for lying about me entirely. I am not insane and they lied about me in every way. They continue to lie about me and it really hurts my feelings because they are calling me insane and I’m actually really smart.”

Amanda Bynes even stated that she had hired “the best lawyer in New York City” to handle the lawsuit on her behalf. In addition to In Touch magazine, Amanda Bynes later identified Star magazine as another tabloid that would be getting sued as well.

Therefore, Amanda Bynes might not be getting married at all. Her statement could have just been her way of attacking the tabloids that allegedly have told lies about her, and basically rewarding People with her marriage photos since they “omit any error they’ve made.”

What do you think? Is Amanda Bynes telling the truth about her future marriage, or was she just continuing her Twitter rant against tabloid magazines?

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