TNA News: Dixie Carter And TNA Officials Reportedly Tried To Sign CM Punk

No matter what CM Punk does, he will always be in the news. Whether it is for leaving the WWE, having his wife come out to chants for her husband, or rather just buying an iPhone 6, it will be covered. Yes, that last one actually took place today, when Punk was spotted at a phone store buying the newest Apple product. Luckily, that isn’t the crux of this article. Instead, real intriguing news came out about CM Punk’s status in professional wrestling.

Along with his appearance at Ohio Valley Wrestling to support his good friend Cliff Compton, Punk’s name was thrown around with another wresting company. That isn’t a typo, as TNA and Dixie Carter reportedly made a play at CM Punk to become their flagship superstar.

“TNA recently made a play for CM Punk.”

“This was done similar to how they reached out to Alberto Del Rio, through an intermediary who is friends with Punk. The idea pitched was said to be a huge deal for Punk to be the top star of the company with pay similar to what Hulk Hogan was making. The idea is that Punk could be TNA’s flagship star and if he signs now, he could help get a strong TV deal.”

“Punk reportedly expressed no interest in working in pro wrestling again.”

There really isn’t a surprise with that end result. Carter had to have known the consequences of this getting out. CM Punk will never go to Impact Wrestling. A Chris Benoit mention on Monday Night Raw has a better shot of making it onto the script than CM Punk appearing for TNA. That’s no dig at Carter’s product, but Punk is above TNA.

Without even being in the professional wrestling industry, CM Punk still gets chanted and adored by fans all over the world. When Raw was in Chicago two weeks ago, WWE officials were afraid of the fans “hijacking” Raw. His name still carries importance in the wrestling industry. For the fans that are sick of the CM Punk chants, then stop watching the product because they will not stop. To their credit, all they want is for their “hero” to come back, and he will — eventually.

Daniel Bryan

As for CM Punk in TNA, if he were to ever go there, then it would automatically become relevant and WWE would finally have the competition they desperately need. To be candid, isn’t that what the WWE Universe clamors about all the time? Yes, the WWE needs competition and CM Punk would bring it if he went to Dixie Carter’s promotion. It sounds crazy, but it would help the WWE.

Then again, CM Punk could just return to the WWE after his hiatus and do what he wants. Either way, the WWE couldn’t lose. The only way both lose is if CM Punk doesn’t return — period. That might become reality before the former options.

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