WWE News: CM Punk Reportedly Backstage At Wrestling Event Saturday Night

CM Punk quit the WWE in January of this year and hasn’t looked back from his disappearance from the professional wrestling world as a whole. Whether it was a tweet or the topic brought up in-person, he wanted nothing of it. There shouldn’t be any criticism as to why he doesn’t want to talk about it. If the man is fed up with wrestling, then the WWE Universe and any other wrestling fan should leave him be.

It’s been nine month since Punk associated himself with anything wrestling until Saturday night came. Wrestling News Source is reporting that Punk was backstage at an independent wrestling promotion last weekend.

“Former WWE Superstar CM Punk was backstage at the Ohio Valley Wrestling this past Saturday night for their ‘Saturday Night Special’ event. Punk spent some time wrestling for OVW from September 2005 to the Summer of 2006, when OVW was the official developmental territory for WWE.”

“Punk was reportedly there to support his good friend Cliff Compton, better known to some as former WWE Tag Team Champion Domino. Compton won the OVW Heavyweight Championship on that night for the third time in a triple threat match against former champ Melvin Maximus and Marcus Anthony.”

“Those backstage were told not to approach Punk and he reportedly only talked to Rip Rogers before leaving with Compton, unseen to those in the building.”

First, this does not mean that Punk will be wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was simply visiting a friend, Cliff Compton, as he was slated to win the OVW championship. Members of the internet wrestling community will see it as a warranted message to want to get back into wrestling.

Well, where was Punk for the last nine months? He could’ve visited Compton earlier, or a friend in TNA or Ring of Honor. MVP and Punk are great friends. Going to Impact Wrestling to support MVP wasn’t out of the question. To state it bluntly, this is Punk’s way of wanting to be around wrestling again.

CM Punk, Natalya and MVP
CM Punk, Natalya and MVP

Whether it will be with WWE wrestling or simply remaining a fan, Punk isn’t bothered by it anymore. One thing that may bring him back to the WWE in time will be because of his wife, AJ Lee. The chants of Punk during her matches are deafening. Fortunately for Lee, they won’t interfere with her push as the Diva’s champion. They are just what they are, a bothersome notion that Punk fans want to portray during her matches or segments.

Recently, two WWE legends weighed in on Punk’s future in the WWE. Jim Ross and Mick Foley both said a Punk return is possible down the road. Will the two put aside their differences and work something out? A “Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk” match would bring in a ton of money for the company, as well as both men. If Punk were to wrestle Stone Cold Steve Austin, the same result would occur.

Don’t listen to the pessimists when they say Punk will never return. His appearance at a wrestling event is the first step in a very long process of getting used to wrestling again. Everyone that leaves the industry in any way needs to recharge his or her batters. Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Edge and Paul Heyman did the same exact thing. Give it time and CM Punk will be in the WWE again.

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