Farmer Tans: Calendar Project Features Nude Women And Veggies To Raise Funds For Urban Farm

Women farmers from Ten-Speed Greens Urban Farm are working on a calendar called “Farmer Tans” to raise money to get their urban farm back up and running. Ten-Speed Greens Urban Farm once supplied fresh veggies to 13 restaurants, a CSA, and two farm stands in Tallahassee, Florida, and was called a “thriving, women-owned business.” Danielle and Claire didn’t let their landlord, who they say closed down their farm this year to develop the property, get them down. They took matters into their own hands, with a calendar featuring pin-up farm ladies in the buff.

The purpose of the naked farm ladies calendar called “Farmer Tans” is to raise money to get their farm up and running again. Their IndieGoGo project page for Farmer Tans says Danielle and Claire “looked around one day and realized, ‘all our friends are babes! Let’s put them in a calendar with our vegetables, and raise money for our future urban farm.'”

They raised far more money so far than they had hoped for. With nine days left, they’ve raised over seven times their original goal of $4,000. The urban farming ladies want to purchase their own land and establish a permanent urban garden. The plan for their future project is even more encompassing than their last urban garden. The women plan to grow food, of course, but also hold workshops, host farm-to-table dinners, launch an after-school gardening program, and open up a farm store.

The naked ladies featured next to, beneath, and upon farming props and vegetables in the 2015 calendar are all women who have worked on their farm or in restaurants that the urban farm once supplied fresh produce to.

On the IndieGoGo project page, the farming ladies warn you in advance of the risks of participating in their fund-raising project, “Farmgirl models might be TOO hot,” it reads, but also, “Pictured vegetables might look TOO delicious.”

The Huffington Post stated that all the photos in the calendar are tasteful nudes, which could be a play on words, but is also fairly accurate. The images are not exceedingly explicit, vegetables are strategically placed, and the project is intended to be fun. The photos of the nude farming ladies were taken by Jess Drawhorn, a professional photographer who volunteered at the farm.

“For most of the photos, not only were we completely naked but we were at the farm on a busy street without a lot of personal coverage,” Krasniqi, a massage therapist and one of the nude models, was quoted in The Huffington Post.

Next year, she hopes the calendar will feature more tractors, tools, and farming equipment. “It resulted in a lot of funny moments because people like to stop by randomly to see if we’re open. We’d be in the tomatoes and someone would say, ‘Hello?’ So there was a lot of laughter in every single shoot that we did.”

“We’re celebrating our bodies as not only objects of beauty with these fruits and vegetables, but we work with these bodies every day. We work outside physically. And it’s because of these bodies we were successful,” Claire told WFSU after some claims were made that the calendar exploited women.

In other farming news, a group of pastors from several churches in Battle Creek, Michigan, were recently approached by angry residents after the pastors announced they would be working together to form a community garden to feed the poor in and around Battle Creek. Neighbors of the church where the garden was planned said they didn’t want their property values to drop or have to look at an orchard and a garden. Read more on that story on the previous Inquisitr article.

The fundraiser doesn’t end until October 16. So, you still have a little bit of time if you wanted to contribute to the 2015 Farmer Tans calendar project.

[Photo via Farmer Tans (NSFW) video]

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