WWE: Roman Reigns’ Health Update On RAW Has Superman Denying Injury Is His Kryptonite

Roman Reigns’ health has been a big concern in the WWE Universe ever since the bombshell was dropped that he would miss a WWE PPV due to emergency surgery for a hernia. Fortunately, the Samoan Superman is already back on his feet and even gave a live interview via satellite for the Monday Night RAW audience.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while a Roman Reigns return has not been announced yet, the WWE push almost became a flying shove since the official WWE.com is already suggesting Reigns will take over The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania for years to come. The kayfabe news also took an interesting twist when Triple H blamed Roman Reigns’ injury on bucking the Authority. Triple H had similar taunts for Daniel Bryan, who apparently is really into alternative medicine instead of surgery.

When Roman Reigns spoke live to the WWE Universe in Brooklyn, he seemed to indicate that his anointed return will come sooner rather than later. He is already counting down the days until he can fly back into the ring. The doctors are apparently fairly happy with the progress Reigns is making in his recovery, and he is already starting to move around a bit more. But the mere fact that Reigns did the interview remotely, instead of live and in person, seems to indicate he may not make his return until 2015 at the earliest.

After all, WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann initially told the world that Roman Reigns would not be expected to return to “physical activity” in general until four to six weeks after surgery. Doctors also noted that Reigns suffered from an inguinal hernia, not a sports hernia, which is kind of good news since that means that abdominal issues was not directly related to his activities in the ring. The bad news is that doctors had to open up his abdominal cavity and mess with his intestines. They left a mesh in place over the hernia in hopes of preventing another occurrence, but such a surgery is enough kryptonite to prevent Reigns from having a match for months, not weeks.

Otherwise, Roman Reigns recently did another interview, and he discussed what he felt during his initial debut.

“I had so many emotions going,” Reigns said. “When you go through developmental, you’re working with guys likes Dean and Seth. You know, it’s really exciting; a bit of a good nervous energy. It was just get through it, make it happen and just continue to move; there’s no off-season in wrestling or sports-entertainment. You just want to get that momentum like we did and just keep going.”

Hopefully, Roman Reigns’ health won’t be the kryptonite that kills his momentum toward taking Brock Lesnar on at WrestleMania 31.