WWE: Roman Reigns’ Injury Blamed On Bucking Authority Like Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns’ injury may have the WWE wrestler out of the ring for a while but Triple H decided to strike a low blow by comparing Daniel Bryan’s injury to Reigns’ surgery, which was not even for a wrestling-related hernia.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Daniel Bryan’s injury is bad enough fro Brie Bella to want to quit to tend to her husband, and the feud with Stephanie McMahon was invented as an excuse to make it happen.

The WWE Universe was shocked by the news that otherwise seemingly healthy Roman Reigns was rushed into emergency surgery, although the latest doctor’s health reports seem to indicate that Reigns will not suffer any long term effects from the hernia surgery. The lack of certainty has caused the rumor mill to be begin grinding away and believe Reigns’ big push may be halted while others question whether or not Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns will still happen at WrestleMania 31.

Triple H has an interesting perspective on Roman Reigns’ injury, noting how it’s odd that the wrestlers who tend to fight The Authority tend to end up on the sidelines.

“I’m not happy about it, it’s a tragedy. It’s a shame. It’s just, you know, I feel a little bit like it’s Groundhog’s Day here,” Triple H said. “This is very reminiscent of the Daniel Bryan scenario. The WWE Universe gets behind these guys and for whatever reason they want them to buck authority and when they do it just doesn’t pan out well for them. I don’t know, maybe guys should choose who they run up against a little bit more carefully.”

Much of the video is focused on Triple H discussing Dean Ambrose and how the wrestler thinks it’s “cool” to be smashed into cinder blocks and being dragged behind a car. Even then the head of The Authority couldn’t help but take a dig at Reigns and Bryan.

“Durability seems to be an issue,” HHH said. “Ask Daniel Bryan, ask Roman Reigns. Whether or not that all sinks in mentally doesn’t change the fact that the human body can only withstand so much and sooner or later… sooner or later, The Authority wins.”

Doctors did say Roman Reigns could return to “physical activity” in around six weeks, but it’s possible that Reigns return won’t happen until November or later. It’s considered likely that the feud with Seth Rollins will resume when this occurs, although if his innards take long to heal it’s possible the ever-evolving WWE storyline may have to wedge the Samoan Superman into a different role.

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