WWE News: Update On When WWE Expects Roman Reigns Back In The Ring

Roman Reigns, current-WWE superstar, underwent an emergency surgery on Saturday, the day before Night of Champions. Reigns was scheduled to face Seth Rollins in a one-on-one match that would’ve continued Reigns’ push to the moon. However the emergency operation ruined any plans that the WWE had for Reigns in the near future.

Chris Amann, WWE’s lead doctor, provided a medical update on Reigns and his progress. The surgery was said to be a complete success.

As you heard from Dr. Amann, Reigns was doing just fine after the operation. A hernia is not something to mess with, as it can be a very serious problem down the road if not treated right away. With that said, the WWE must be lenient on his potential return to the ring. Just like a torn ACL or concussion, Reigns cannot be rushed back to action. No storyline or piece of money is worth someone’s livelihood and career.

Speaking of WWE’s prediction on Reigns’ in-ring return, nothing can be said in confidence at the moment. However, according to Wrestling News Source, they do have a date in mind for when he can be expected back at work.

“WWE are in the process of a rather depleted roster at the moment so it didn’t exactly help when it was announced Roman Reigns was the latest casualty to that list. Reigns, who is currently backed by many to be the next real successor to John Cena as the ‘Face of the WWE’, underwent emergency hernia surgery on Saturday and will take a fair time to recover fully.

Whilst WWE TV is speculating that Reigns will be out for an ‘indefinite’ amount of time, WWE do have some sort of a hopeful expectation. Whilst they are not certain on any kind of date, PWInsider report that WWE expect Reigns back on TV by ‘the latest November’ to continue his recent push. Reigns was set to face Seth Rollins on the Night Of Champions PPV before the injury occurred and is likely to pick up on that same feud when he returns.”

Should there be a problem with that expected return date? Given what Dr. Amann said, it should take anywhere from 4-8 weeks for Reigns to heal properly. Everybody’s anatomy is different, especially at how fast they can recover from an internal injury. His hernia was a pretty serious one, so that should give the WWE Universe an idea as to how long it will take to recover.

For the normal person, they could go back to work the next day. As for a super-athlete, the body is put to high measures of stress on a daily basis. That’s why WWE’s physical they make wrestlers take is so rigorous. Roman Reigns won’t see the squared circle for a few months, so another wrestler will have to take his place. He comes out of taxicabs and birthday presents, that man will be Dean Ambrose. Just wait and see.

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