WWE: Daniel Bryan’s Injury Has Him Avoiding Surgery, John Cena Calls That ‘Stupid’ On ‘Total Divas’

Daniel Bryan’s injury has the Yes Movement wondering when their bearded hero will return to the ring, but in an upcoming episode of WWE Total Divas, it becomes apparent during a section featuring John Cena that his recovery may not exactly be going as hoped. In fact, Bryan is apparently putting all his hopes and dreams for a future in professional wrestling in the hands of alternative medicine.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin says that Vince McMahon needs to give three months of vacation time each year to WWE superstars. Austin is also worried that Daniel Bryan’s injury is bad enough that when he does make his eventual return the long term issues with his neck will require changing his wrestling style. If this occurs, it would make it harder to please the fans since Bryan will no longer be capable of doing high flying moves like the suicide dive or the flying goat.

Like any good sisters, the Bella twins like to talk and keep each other updated with the personal tidbits of their lives. Apparently, Daniel’s wife, Brie Bella, told John Cena’s wife, Nikki Bella, the latest health update on the Daniel Bryan’s neck injury. The issue came up when both John and Nikki were hitting the gym, and Cena found out to his dismay that Bryan is avoiding surgery in hopes of curing his neck issues with alternative medicine like acupuncture.

“If you had a broken arm and you refused to put it in a cast, and you wanted to rub leaves on it, that’s like stupid,” John Cena said.

Nikki agreed, saying, “The longer Bryan’s out, that’s the longer they’re not making money. And I don’t really want to get in the middle, but this affects my sister’s life.”

A recent Total Divas episode shows that the money issues have already hit home, since Brie Bella told Daniel she was considering becoming a stripper if money ever became too tight. Of course, whether that comment, and the resulting dumbfounded reaction from Bryan, was scripted is another matter entirely.

Still, if Daniel Bryan’s injury really does have him avoiding traditional medicine, the situation could almost be compared to that of Steve Jobs. When faced with cancer, the Apple founder also tried using alternative medicine to combat the spread of cancer. While Jobs eventually did have surgery, it’s claimed he regretted waiting so long, and some experts claimed at the time it was possible he doomed himself by relying on alternative medicine.

During the beginning of September, The Inquisitr reported Bryan’s neck injury was the main cause of his continued absence from the ring. There was also a rumor going around that Bryan would need Tommy John Surgery to repair the UCL. While Bryan had a lost much of his arm strength due to limb injuries, it was reported that he did not need a second injury. But with these new revelations, you have to wonder if the real reason Bryan did not want to have the second arm surgery was because of his reliance on alternative medicine.

So what does this mean for Daniel Bryan’s WWE match schedule? In the worst case scenario, it used to be assumed he would not return until Royal Rumble 2015. If his return is delayed much beyond January, it’s possible he may not even land a main match for WrestleMania 31, which would have the Yes Movement yelling, “No! No! No!”

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