WWE News: Daniel Bryan’s Wife, Brie Bella, Exposes Possible Post-Wrestling Career – Stripping! [Video Link]

If there is at least one couple currently in WWE who isn’t principal owners of the company and who experienced the benefits of their position in sports entertainment, most fans would state Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on both of them, more so with Bryan. This includes the leader of the “YES!” movement placing #1 on PWI’s top 100, despite his surgeries. However, those surgeries were the primary topic on Brie Bella possibly leaving her role on Total Divas.

The news pertaining to the couple are centralized on Daniel Bryan’s injuries. However, there is a bit of news that may be quite juicy, especially for our male fans of the WWE. Brie Bella made known possible career choices after her run in the WWE and one of them she said (believe it or not) is stripping!

The revelation came through E! through Xfinity in which they reported a deleted scene from last Sunday’s episode of the hit show, Total Divas. It opens up with Daniel and Brie entering a restaurant known as The Vig in Phoenix, Arizona. While sitting at their table, both of them indulge in a few friendly rounds of “The Question Game” before talking about more serious matters being Daniel’s surgery. Brie brought up a very important point in which wrestlers always have to be on point to avoid injury but what if they sustain an injury that even surgical repair wouldn’t clear for their careers.

From what the clip shows, both Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have no backup plan if they were to suddenly be unable to wrestle in the WWE. Daniel explained how hard it would be for him to assimilate into a career outside of wrestling in the following statement.

“I don’t have any skills… I don’t have any sort of degree. I’ve been doing this [wrestling] since I was eighteen years old. There’s not a lot of job skills that wrestling is translatable to.”

Afterwards, career possibilities post-WWE were discussed which included Brie Bella suggested Daniel Bryan start a wrestling school. He retaliated by stating his displeasure of training others with hatred. Brie also stated what she’d like to do after her wrestling career in which one of her dreams is to open a flower shop. However, the one career possibility after that she brought up got Daniel’s attention.

“I would probably make good money stripping.”

Daniel Bryan is, of course, flabbergasted at what he just heard, to which he states how silly that is. Brie Bella simply shrugs her shoulders which ends the clip. If this is a possibility, can you just imagine the Bella going “Brie Mode” on a pole?

Most people are taking the clip simply as entertainment but Total Divas is reality entertainment. This brings up the question on what is reality and what is entertainment? Further analysis of the clip reveals two interesting things. First, Daniel states they need to only make enough money to maintain their lifestyle. Second, Brie states both she and her husband are on a 5-year plan in which wrestling is a major factor of said plan. What is the amount needed for both of them to maintain their lifestyles and how far along are they on their 5-year plan? There is no report that Brie verified if she would or won’t strip, but the fact it was stated as a possibility makes it a possibility.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attach the video here since E! offers no way to do so, but just follow the link to watch it there. Do you think Brie Bella is serious about the possibility of a career in stripping after WWE or was it mentioned just for entertainment purposes? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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