WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Lands At Number One On PWI 500 Poll

In a unsurprising move, it seems that Pro-Wrestling Illustrated put WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan in their Top 500 poll for the 2013-2014 season. What is surprising, however, is where the magazine decided to place Bryan. They decided to put him number one on their poll this year. This has led to many fans going nuts on social media, calling the magazine stupid for doing such. However, there are many who support the move. So it has been a very big discussion since PWI announced the move. Whether you agree or not, there is a lot to think about regarding the move.

People should know that PWI was smart to do what they did.

PWI does not judge their poll on a normal January to December calendar year. They judge it based on a summer to summer year. In this case, from the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2014. The magazine comes out in October every year, so clearly they cannot go by a normal calendar. That means if we judge Daniel Bryan’s summer of last year to the summer of this year, he had a big year despite missing a good bit of the summer of 2014.

He won the WWE Championship twice and had two WrestleMania matches, winning both of them and the World Title along with it during the main event. He also had matches that were considered five star along the way. Really, few had a better year in PWI terms than Bryan. So he deserves the spot. If he was healthy right now, many who are complaining now probably wouldn’t be.

PWI Magazine

Even if we went from, say, September to September, Bryan still had a massive year.

Who else deserves it over him? CM Punk? John Cena?

PWI is known for who they put at the top of their list as well as who is in the top five. It is one of the most respected lists, but very controversial. Having a list of any kind means people will disagree with you. PWI knows this, which is why they hardly care what people think. PWI likes to get people talking with the list, which only adds to people wanting to buy the magazine to find out who is on it. So the idea behind it makes sense of course.

Still though, it is not as if WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is not deserving of the nod. Many believe he has enjoyed a good year, one that could rival most. WWE is the number one promotion in the planet in terms of success and notoriety. That being said, Bryan had the biggest year of any WWE talent. So, if this is the case, he would be worthy.

Pro-Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 Magazine hits stands on October 21. Many think it will be a very interesting list. The cool part is that PWI explains why they place people certain places. So at least when a WWE or TNA star is placed somewhere, as well as an Independent star, we know why.

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