President Trump Defends Backtracking On Labeling China A Currency Manipulator

A while back, President Donald Trump did not have very nice things to say about China, but ever since they decided to work with the U.S. against North Korea, Trump has been nicer to the nation. Obviously, when you’re facing a lot of political backlash, you have to handle things as best as possible. Trump […]

WWE News: Kurt Angle Talks Roman Reigns Being Pushed Too Fast, And A Possible Heel Debut

Kurt Angle recently returned to the WWE after spending a decade with TNA Wrestling and now he is in the WWE Hall of Fame, but he is not going to just play dumb. He has laid out how he feels about Roman Reigns and even a plan Vince McMahon had in his debut. Kurt Angle […]

WWE News: Recent Injuries Reportedly Holding Finn Balor Back From Huge WWE Opportunities

WWE Superstar Finn Balor recently came back after sustaining a terrible shoulder injury that took him months to come back from, and now it looks like this and another injury may hold WWE back from pushing him the way they’d like. Finn Balor worked a match with Jinder Mahal on WWE RAW last Monday. It […]

President Trump Expected To Take Action Against North Korea To Halt Nuclear Threats

President Donald Trump is expected to take action against North Korea after their most recent threats and nuclear test, which they were warned against doing. The good thing for the world is that the test turned out to be a dud for North Korea, as they attempted to get it going on Sunday morning and […]

WWE News: Shinsuke Nakamura Speaks On The Major Dangers Of Japanese Wrestling

Last weekend, NJPW star Katsuyori Shibata sustained a career-threatening injury in his match with Kazuchika Okada, now their former NJPW co-worker and new WWE SmackDown Live star Shinsuke Nakamura is speaking out the major dangers of Japanese wrestling. For years, pro-wrestling fans have known that Japanese wrestling was brutal and could literally be deadly to […]

WWE News: Updated WWE Universal Championship Plans, Brock Lesnar Retaining For A Year?

WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar finally beat his rival Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 and even took home the WWE Universal Championship along with it, and it appears Lesnar may very well remain champion for a long time. Brock Lesnar is known for being one of the most “legitimate” athletes in WWE history. He is a real […]

U.S. Military Says They Can’t Keep Up With The Amount Of Drugs Flowing Into The Country

For some time, it has been known that drugs from out of the United States have been flowing in managing to get away from the Coast Guard, and now it appears that the military or the U.S. cannot keep up with the amount. For years, drugs have been coming in from various places, mostly from […]

WWE News: Maryse Nude Photo Selfie Accidentally Sent To WWE Locker Room?

A few weeks back, several former WWE Divas and current female WWE Superstars had nude images of them leaked to the internet, and it seems as if Maryse was not immune from this, sort of. As previously mentioned, several women in the WWE now and from the past were affected by a mass nude photo […]

North Korea Unveils Powerful New Missiles On Founder’s Birthday Amid Major Rising Tensions

It seems that tensions between North Korea and the United States as well as China may have just hit another level, as it appears North Korea has unveiling powerful new missiles on Saturday. North Korea is celebrating their founder’s birthday, Kim Il Sung, who instituted the Kim Dynasty 105 years ago. This is a traditional […]

WWE News: Major Update On WWE Possibly Buying Ring f Honor Wrestling

There has been a lot of news regarding a possible purchase of Ring of Honor Wrestling by WWE, now there is even more talk that could change everything. For some time, ROH has had trouble getting a chance to grow due to the fact that they are considered independent. Eventually, Sinclair Broadcasting decided to buy […]

North Korea Threatens ‘Nuclear Thunderbolts’ As The United States And China Team Up

It is well known that North Korea has made multiple threats to launch nuclear weapons, but with their latest threat, it seems that things might have gone to another level, with China and the United States teaming up against them. Recently, the United States sent a bomb into Syria to wipe out chemical weapons that […]

WWE News: WWE Superstar Shake-Up Decisions Mostly All Made At The Last Minute

The WWE Superstar Shake-Up has come and gone, and now, many are trying to figure out what went down, and why things appear to look out of place now compared to before. There is a reason for that it seems. Various reports came out last week, linking certain stars to different shows, and a lot […]

WWE News: In Response To The ‘Fire Braun’ Petition, Fans Have Created A ‘Give Braun A Raise’ Petition

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman flat-out destroyed Roman Reigns on WWE RAW this past Monday, but various fans of Roman felt he went too far and called for his firing. However, now others are calling for WWE to give him a raise. Sure, Braun Strowman doing what he did as a bad guy is going very […]

WWE News: WWE Superstar Lana ‘Violated’ By Boston Logan International Airport’s TSA Unit

WWE Superstar Lana may be getting her husband, Rusev, to “crush” some people soon, as she has claimed that an airport TSA unit “violated” her on Wednesday. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lana was apparently leaving on Wednesday from Boston when she went through the Boston Logan International Airport. It was here that Lana reportedly […]

WWE News: Why WWE Has Not Addressed The Reported Finn Balor Concussion From WWE RAW Match

WWE Superstar Finn Balor made his official return to the ring this past Monday on WWE RAW when he faced off with Jinder Mahal, but it seemed that Balor took a huge shot to the head in the match and fans are now worried. Balor has been back in the ring already, as he took […]

WWE News: JBL To Not Face Any Punishment From WWE Over Recent Bullying Antics

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) recently made national and international headlines over his bullying antics, one of which caused Mauro Ranallo to leave WWE, but it seems WWE doesn’t care. JBL was connected to the departure of Mauro due to bullying he had done to him both on and off the air. Most people felt like […]

WWE News: Watch Nia Jax Nearly Injure Charlotte Flair Not Once, But Twice, In Their ‘WWE RAW’ Match

It is well known that Nia Jax has issues when it comes to in-ring work, but it seems that she may have forgotten WWE was scripted when she almost seriously injured Charlotte Flair twice on WWE RAW on Monday. For about a year now, WWE fans have been watching Nia Jax struggle to put together […]

WWE News: Update On When WWE Superstar Paige Is Set To Return To ‘WWE RAW’

WWE Superstar Paige has been out with a neck injury, along with nagging back trouble, since the end of last summer, and now it looks like fans know when she will be returning to WWE RAW this year. Yes, back trouble, along with other issues, made many people wonder what was going on. Her neck […]

WWE News: ROH COO Joe Koff Responds To Rumors Of WWE Purchasing Ring Of Honor Wrestling

With rumors of Ring of Honor Wrestling being bought by WWE, the COO of ROH came out in a recent interview and spoke about what led the rumors and if there is any truth behind them. WWE is trying their hardest to make the WWE Network a must-buy for wrestling fans, which is why there […]

WWE News: Spoiler For ‘WWE Payback’ Match, Roman Reigns Still In WWE Universal Title Picture

At WWE Payback Roman Reigns will take on Braun Strowman where the winner is likely to go on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship, and now it appears storylines have given away the winner. Roman Reigns heard the boos rain down on him this past Monday on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania […]

President Donald Trump Reportedly Shifting Policies In An Effort To Reset Presidency

President Donald Trump has been changing things around it seems, and a White House staff shake-up is set to go down due to it, as Trump will reportedly shift his policies around to reset his Presidency. Backed by his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump will reportedly be heading toward a “centrist” push […]

WWE News: Bill Goldberg May Be Making Yet Another WWE Comeback

Pro-Wrestling Legend and former WWE World Champion Bill Goldberg may have made people think his time in wrestling was done after WrestleMania 33, but that does not seem to be the case. Goldberg lost his WWE Universal Title to Brock Lesnar after the two fought at the show of shows, and on the WWE Network […]

Ivanka Trump Reportedly The One Behind President Trump’s Move To Bomb Syria

With the recent bombing from the United States on Syria over chemical weapons, many found it to be strange that President Donald Trump made such a move, but according to a recent report, it seems his daughter Ivanka was behind the idea. The controversial bombing was done on Syria after knowledge of chemical weapons was […]

WWE News: WWE Fans Call For The Firing Of JBL After Bullying Of Mauro Ranallo Surfaces

WWE SmackDown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo is reportedly done with WWE, and it seems he’s leaving over a depression caused by announce partner John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) bullying him. Known for being WWE’s go-to stooge when it comes to various media material, JBL is responsible for the bullying of several WWE Superstars. In fact, WWE […]

Trump Congratulates U.S. Military For ‘The Syria Attack,’ Many Fire Back At His Comments

President Donald Trump ordered 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be launched at a Syrian base carrying chemical weapons on Thursday evening, which has been seen as quite controversial, and now he is seemingly speaking for all Americans and the world. Most Americans agreed that the chemical weapons being used on the people of Syria by […]

WWE News: WWE Superstar Shake-Up To Send Charlotte Flair And Alexa Bliss To Opposite Brands

WWE Superstars are all on edge due to next week’s Superstar Shake-Up, however, perhaps two women, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, may be pretty calm despite rumors of the two switching brands. WWE RAW‘s Charlotte Flair really helped to bring some energy to the brand, having amazing matches all year long for the brand with […]

Tomi Lahren Suing Glenn Beck And The Blaze Over Wrongful Termination

A little while back The Blaze permanently banned their young conservative and controversial host Tomi Lahren over expressing her feelings of being pro-choice, and now she’s firing back at them with a lawsuit. Tomi Lahren is known for her controversial show, but mostly for the last segment of it called “final thoughts.” The idea of […]

WWE News: WWE Planning To Put The Club Back Together, Will AJ Styles Team With Finn Balor?

The “WWE Superstar Shake-Up” is set to go down next week on both Monday and Tuesday for WWE RAW and SmackDown Live, and rumors seem to be showing a lot of very interesting results for the likes of AJ Styles and Finn Balor. WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced that it was time to […]

WWE News: AJ Lee Claims WWE Took Her Off TV For Refusing To Do The Dumbest Storyline Ever

Former WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee left the company a few years ago, but her role was very critical in helping put women in WWE back on the map. However, this might not have happened if WWE got her to do one stupid storyline. WWE is known for pitching various ideas to talent; sometimes they […]

WWE News: Incredible Reason Why WWE Dropped John Cena Vs Undertaker Match At ‘WrestleMania 33’

Millions of WWE fans watched WrestleMania 33 in shock when Roman Reigns seemingly retired The Undertaker, but this was almost John Cena’s job before WWE took the honor away for a shocking reason. WWE fans have been wanting to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker for years now, and both men have been pushing for […]

WWE News: WWE May Have Found A Genius Way To Force TNA Into Giving Up The Broken Universe

For some time now, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been using an amazing “broken” gimmick that wrestling fans loved, but sadly TNA stopped them from using it and now WWE is getting involved. Yes, Anthem Sports and Entertainment, the new owners of TNA, are threatening the Hardy brothers with a lawsuit if they use the […]

First Daughter Ivanka Trump Secretly Meets With Planned Parenthood Executive

The nation’s First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, met with an executive from Planned Parenthood to discuss a variety of programs that could involve the Trump administration. Ivanka Trump has had her father’s ear since he took the oath of office, but she still gets overridden by Steve Bannon’s suggestions much of the time. She is seemingly […]

Federal Reserve Isn’t Sure President Trump Can Deliver On Economic Promises

President Donald Trump made a lot of economic promises during his campaign and even into his presidency, but it appears that members of a key federal agency do not believe he can live up to those promises. Obviously, when President Trump took office, he did so after being considered one of the most unqualified candidates […]

WWE News: ROH Wrestling Star Adam Cole Looks To Be Jumping To WWE Soon

Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole has been killing it on the independent scene for some time now, but it appears he could be jumping to the WWE very soon. Earlier this year, Adam Cole made history when he became the first ever three-time ROH World Champion. There have been a few two-time champions, but […]

Pres. Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Has Been Removed From National Security Council

President Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was added to the United States’ National Security Council awhile back, but now it appears that his role has changed there. Steve Bannon is considered by many to be Trump’s quiet mouthpiece, as many of the policies Bannon believes in have been pushed by the President. He holds […]

WWE News: Matt Hardy Says WrestleMania Crowd Cured His Brokenness, But Will It Last?

At WrestleMania 33 this past Sunday, both Matt and Jeff Hardy made their return to WWE and seemed to only slightly play up their “broken” characters. Now, it looks like we have an update on Matt’s iconic persona possibly coming to WWE. The Broken gimmick was seen as one of the best gimmicks in years, […]

WWE News: ‘Superstar Shake-Up’ Designed To Move AJ Styles To ‘RAW’ And Roman Reigns To ‘SmackDown Live’

Last night on WWE RAW, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon claimed that next week, fans will see a “Superstar Shake-Up,” which means some big names could switch brands. It had been reported for some time now that WWE plans to remove AJ Styles from SmackDown Live and put him on WWE RAW. Most fans […]

WWE News: Why WWE Signed Drew McIntyre, Last Minute Deal Went Down?

Former TNA World Champion Drew McIntyre showed up randomly on Saturday night at WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando to the shock of many, and it appears we now know why WWE signed the Scottish Dragon to a big WWE NXT deal. It was not reported anywhere that McIntyre would be at NXT Takeover on Saturday, which […]

WWE News: Shinsuke Nakamura Is Done With WWE NXT, Will Hit Main Roster This Week

Former WWE NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura lost his match with Bobby Roode at WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando, and now it looks like he is done with the NXT show and will be heading to greener pastures. For some time now, it was pretty well known that Nakamura would be leaving NXT eventually. He came in […]

WWE News: Former TNA Champion Drew McIntyre Officially Signs With WWE NXT

At WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando, former TNA World Champion Drew Galloway showed up and now it appears that he is returning to the WWE full-time. He went under his real name when he left WWE years ago, but before he did, Drew McIntyre had promise as an up-and-coming WWE Superstar. He won both the WWE […]

WWE News: The Miz Reveals How Fan Interaction Changed His ‘WrestleMania’ Match

When The Miz and Maryse vs. John Cena and Nikki Bella was first announced, people were not really thrilled, but fans soon were drawn in due to the impressive work on both sides. Going in, there was a lot of issues with the two sides. Everyone loved the heel work The Miz had been doing, […]

WWE News: WWE To Unveil New NXT Championship Titles At WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando

WWE NXT has become quite popular over the past few years with many of the stars becoming major names on the main roster, but now it appears they will be pushing it even more as WWE’s third brand goes for new titles tonight. WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando will basically be the opening act for WrestleMania […]

WWE News: WWE Officially Announces Global Women’s Tournament For This Summer

This summer is appears that WWE will be going back to the tournament world yet again, this time with some of the best female wrestlers on the planet. Triple H along with wife Stephanie McMahon was joined by WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley, WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, and WWE NXT Women’s Champion […]

WWE News: John Cena Is Still Set To Propose To Nikki Bella At ‘WrestleMania 33’

For some time now WWE Superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella have been in a relationship, with Cena afraid to pop the question, but it seems he may be getting over that fear this Sunday. As most all wrestling fans know, WrestleMania 33 is this Sunday live from Orlando, Florida. WWE has made a huge […]

WWE News: WWE Legend Ric Flair Gets Amazing Statue, Daughter Charlotte Comments

WWE Hall of Famer and pro-wrestling legend Ric Flair was recently honored by WWE with a new statue, which only a few men before him have had. WWE started a new tradition at WWE Axxess each year, where they would honor a legend of the business with a statue. So far, major names such as […]

Major Spoiler For Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt WWE Title Match At ‘WrestleMania 33’

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt will wrestle Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 this Sunday, but it seems now there is some huge information surrounding the match that may make you lean a certain direction. Randy Orton managed to win the Royal Rumble match in January, which insured that he would get a chance at the WWE […]

One Major Allegation In Infamous Trump-Russia Dossier Reportedly ‘Verified’

It has been reported for months now that there seemed to be a major connection between Russia and President Trump’s administration. Now, there is at least one verification from the dossier released on the connections. It seems every other day, new reports come out regarding a connection between Russia and someone from the Trump administration. […]

New Poll Finds Americans Trust Three News Outlets More Than President Trump

President Donald Trump has had a war with the media for some time now, even calling any outlet that disagrees with him “fake news.” However, now it appears that Americans may trust the media more than the president himself. Trump has not been in good with the media for some time, with some claiming that […]

WWE News: Matt And Jeff Hardy To Use ‘Broken’ Gimmick In Upcoming Return To WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy are set to come back to WWE very soon, but many have wondered if the “broken” gimmick will come with them, and it seems there is some good news for fans of the Broken Hardy brothers. Matt Hardy invented the broken character we have come to see. However, TNA Wrestling (now […]

WWE News: Triple H Says That Roman Reigns Is A Heel Already, Officially Turning?

Roman Reigns is the most controversial figure in pro-wrestling right now and especially in WWE, and fans have wanted him to turn heel for some time now yet it seems according to Triple H, he may already be one. The boos for Roman Reigns are almost deafening. Everywhere he goes, the boos rain down harder […]