Deport Obama? Petition Urges President’s Removal From The United States

A petition filed by attorney Larry Klayman calls for immediate deportation proceedings against President Obama on grounds that he is an illegal alien.

The founder of Judicial Watch, who now heads Freedom Watch, conservative activist Klayman submitted the 20-page petition to officials with Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Over the course of the Obama presidency, a conspiracy-minded and much-scorned cohort collectively known as “birthers” have challenged Obama’s eligibility to serve as president under the natural born citizen requirement of Article II, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution. No legal contests have made any headway in court, however.

In his petition, Klayman argues, among other things, that the Obama birth certificate from Honolulu, Hawaii, released in April 2011, is fake. He also raises questions about the name change from Barry Soetoro and the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the president’s Social Security number.

With only two years left in Obama’s second term, this latest salvo in the birth certificate controversy may perhaps be just a symbolic effort, a publicity stunt, or both.

Klayman also won a case in a lower court against the National Security Agency for collecting U.S. phone records without a warrant, which is now on appeal.

Even in some form of alternative reality where a deportation petition of this nature would gain traction, the Obama administration has pretty much given up on deporting anybody, let alone its leader.

Parenthetically, the president has vowed to bypass Congress and implement some form of illegal alien amnesty via edict after the November election.

The cover letter summarizing the Klayman petition claims that “As demonstrated by the evidence established in exhibits and attached affidavits, there is prima facie evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is removable from the United States and in violation of the law under the legally recognized categories of falsely claiming U.S. citizenship, applying for and obtaining a U.S. passport under false pretenses, and document fraud and fraud and misrepresentation.”

The petition itself states in part.

“Barack Hussein Obama has relied upon a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii which is clearly a forgery — that is, not a valid birth certificate — and indeed also a rather sloppy forgery with easily-detected, unmistakable errors and defects.

“It is a fair inference that Barack Hussein Obama would not have relied throughout his life upon a forged birth certificate if a genuine birth certificate showing a live birth in U.S. territory existed. No one would present a birth certificate that document analysis exposes to be a forgery if they could just as easily present their actual, genuine birth certificate. As a result, claims that an undisclosed birth certificate exists and a more recent document must face serious credibility questions as to why a forgery was being used — a crime and document fraud under the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) — unnecessarily…”

Commenting on his Obama deportation petition, Klayman said, “I want him deported. He should be deported. He’s been in this country illegally, he’s an illegal alien… You can’t claim you’re an American citizen when you’re not and be president of the United States,” reported U.S. News.

According to The Daily Caller, “In the highly unlikely event Klayman’s ‘deportation petition’ is successful, it would mark the first time a sitting U.S. president has been removed from the office and forced out of the country.”

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