'Gone Girl' Heads For A Box Office Win

David Fincher's Gone Girl is expected to sweep at the box office this weekend. Despite horror film Annabelle taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be the days to watch with Gone Girl. While younger audiences tend to go in large numbers on Fridays, which is Annabelle's fanfare, Gone Girl will have to rely on an adult audience. That said, experts are expecting people to come out in droves, and the excitement that it has achieved early Saturday will go into Sunday.

Although director David Fincher has directed blockbusters, it's not the typical blockbuster people are used to. His voice is distinct, and his style is very specific and dark, which works brilliantly for Gone Girl. That said, the mass appeal of Gone Girl, over all of Fincher's other works, is a real testament to the source material.

Gone Girl is based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, so it doesn't hurt that not only does the thriller have star power in Ben Affleck,it also has a story that many people are excited about or at least curious to checking out. The movie largely talks about society's love affair with the media, and how the media in turn portrays these high profiled murder stories. So that draw is already pretty strong.

As for its numbers, According to Variety, Gone Girl is set to debut between $35 million and $38 million in the first slot in the box office line up. In second place, if estimations are right, will be Annabelle. Currently, the horror film made $15.5 million, and it's believed it will taper off. Either way, it's a success for the production because it's already made more than originally anticipated.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, critics either hated Annabelle, or were willing to say that the production behind The Conjuring were somewhat convincing for its scary moments. As for Gone Girl, it currently has a 93 percent audience score and an 87 percent score for the critics.

As The Inquisitr noted, critics are engaged with Affleck's performance, and are over the moon with Rosamund Pike for seemingly coming out of nowhere to play one of the most complex characters of the year.

Entertainment Weekly said, "Pike to perfectly taps into Flynn's complex main character, who narrates much of the film, that it's suddenly difficult to imagine anyone else."

With all of this good buzz, people are already throwing Oscar into the discussion where Rosamund is concerned. As for director David Fincher, this may be one of the most commercially successful films of his career.

[Image via 20th Century Fox]