Rosamund Pike Is Crazy Brilliant: ‘Gone Girl’ Actress Nails Amy Dunne Role

Rosamund Pike completely nailed the role of Amy Dunne in the new flick Gone Girl that was released on Friday. The actress, who you might know from her roles in Pride and Prejudice or Die Another Day, was able to encompass all the crazy that is Amy Dunne, a woman scorned, determined to live the perfect life with her not-so-perfect husband (Nick Dunne played by actor Ben Affleck). According to the New York Post, Pike’s name is already being said in the same sentence as Oscar nominations. And she deserves it.

“Based on the performances that have already been seen, the highly-respected Pike could very well get a Best Actress nomination — but several key movies with potential nominees have yet to be unveiled,” reports the New York Post.

Rosamund Pike put on quite the show, as she took matters into her own hands and (spoiler alert) framed her husband for murder. Her murder. The brilliant mind of writer Gillian Flynn created a character who was too smart, perhaps, for her own good. And somehow people walked away from the film — just as they did after finishing the novel — liking Amy Dunne. Many people had some sympathy for the woman, who was forced to give up the life that she loved and then cheated on by her husband who couldn’t keep up his half of the marriage bargain. A woman who would do anything to create the perfect life, even if it wasn’t real.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Pike proved that there was no one more perfect for the role.

“Pike so perfectly taps into Flynn’s complex main character, who narrates much of the film, that it’s suddenly difficult to imagine anyone else.”

And while Rosamund Pike is getting tons of attention for her role in Gone Girl, no one should forget about Ben Affleck, who made portraying Nick Dunne look easy. The film was one of the best book-to-movie adaptations ever, hardly ever missing the mark on every plot advancement and character. Standouts like Tyler Perry, who plays Nick’s attorney, Tanner Bolt, and actress Carrie Coon, who plays the best version of Nick’s sister, Margot (“Go”), you could dream of, truly make this movie worth the watch — whether you read the book or not.

Arguably not the absolute best fit for the role of Desi Collings, Neil Patrick Harris was still great in the film… and yes, he sort of gets naked. As does Affleck and his 20-something-year-old mistress, Andie, played by actress Emily Ratajkowski. According to The Inquisitr, Affleck recently opened up about his nude sex scenes… which he had with both Ratajkowski and Pike. You can read about that here.

All in all, Gone Girl was really, really good, and left the audience feeling satisfied. The extension of the film past the ending of the book is welcomed, and provides more closure without completely solving the mystery of Amy and Nick’s future. Did you see the film? What were your thoughts?

[Photo courtesy of Dominik Magdziak Photography/WireImage via Entertainment Weekly]

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