Netflix Is Looking For Instagrammers, Paying Them To Travel

The popular streaming service Netflix could employee you to do your dream job.

According to Yahoo News, Netflix is looking for avid Instagram users to travel the world and take photos in exchange for money. But Netflix won’t take just anyone. Only three expert Instagram users will make the cut to get paid to travel “across the continent” doing what they do best.

Netflix claims they’re looking for “Grammasters” to adventure across the United States and possibly other countries on the North American continent. The goal is for the Instagram pros to accumulate an index of “beautiful pictures for Netflix Instagram channels,” which presumably is part of a promotional campaign to spread photos across the internet of Netflix original shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Instagrammers interested in the paid Netflix gig have to first be a follower of Netflix’s Instagram account, according to the official website. Once you do that, find your three best Instagram shots and add the hashtag #Grammaster. Netflix will find the photos they like best and hire the users they see fit for the challenge.

The job offers $4,000 for the whole trip, assuming some quality shots are obtained. The trip will take two weeks. All travel expenses will be taken care of by Netflix. While on the trip, the chosen Instagrammers will snap photos of “iconic film and television locations,” including the sets of some of Netflix’s most popular original shows. Of course, any photos taken while employed by Netflix will be the property of the company.

The deadline to apply is October 7. Have your three best Instagram shots hashtagged by then so that Netflix can pick you out of the crowd.

Netflix currently has over 111,000 followers on Instagram and 232 posts pertaining to television, movies, and other entertainment. While much of Netflix’s photography is promotional, it also allows users to see behind the scenes photos and exclusive pictures, like the photo below of the real Larry and Piper from Orange is the New Black.

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This isn’t the first time Netflix has hired people to do an usual task that some might consider a dream job. Just this year, Netflix announced the company was paying people they called “movie and TV content expert” to watch as much Netflix as possible.

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