Naked Woman Passenger In Semi Truck That Crashed Into School Bus, 14 Injured

The Florida Highway Patrol are noting that the driver of the semi truck that crashed into the back of a school bus may have been distracted.

Action News reports that the Florida Highway Patrol said the female passenger of a truck that slammed into the back of a school bus in Bradford County was naked at the time of the collision. In fact, the FHP told Action News troopers threw her a towel so she could cover up. Officers have not said whether they believe the naked woman had anything to do with the crash, but many on social media are noting that distracted driving was most likely at play in this scenario.

Other reports indicate that the truck was driving recklessly prior to the accident with the school bus and that the driver never hit the brakes before plowing into the bus.

According to USA Today, several other drivers had called FHP prior to the accident to report that the truck was driving erratically. The highway patrol was on the way to respond to the calls when the accident happened. The crash occurred as the bus driver stopped to let students off the bus. It appears the driver of the semi did not see the bus come to a stop and thus never applied the brakes.

At least 17 emergency vehicles were on the scene including the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office and the Clay County Fire & Rescue department. The school bus was carrying 15 students and at the time of the crash. According to the FHP, no injuries are life-threatening but at least three people still remain in serious condition. At least one of the Starke Elementary students was seriously injured and two people inside the semi were in serious condition following the crash.

This isn’t the first time a semi truck driver is in hot water. The high-profile crash involving a semi truck and Tracy Morgan is still being investigated.

What do you think the punishment should be for the semi truck driver? What about the naked woman in the truck? Should just the driver face charges in the accident, or is the female passenger to blame as well?