Snoop Dogg Promises Concert In Alaska If Weed Legalization Passed

Rapper Snoop Dogg said in an interview with Charlo Greene he would perform a concert in Alaska if voters pass ballot measure 2, which legalizes recreational marijuana use, in November. Charlo Greene is the local TV reporter who recently caught national headlines when she quit on air to support measure 2, saying “f**k it, I quit.” Greene also revealed she owned the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Snoop Dogg has been a big proponent of marijuana use throughout his career. It seems only natural Snoop would invite a woman whose become a viral sensation for standing up for weed legalization onto GGN to commend her. Snoop Dogg asked how did the former TV anchor end up quitting on the spot during filming. Greene explained it was just something that happened in the moment.

“I went into work, I was on live TV, it came down to me just ending the story and I sat and I thought, out loud, f**k it, I quit, and I walked off, never looked back since.”

She went on to explain that she felt like she needed to be doing things rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Then Snoop went on to ask what he could do to help the movement up in Alaska. Initially, Greene said he could just call out Alaskan voters and make sure that they are registered. But the rapper upped that ante and said,

“If we get y’all to vote yes on Proposition 2, Snoop Dogg is coming to Alaska to do a concert, a wellness retreat concert, and I’m bringing some of that California with me to celebrate. I’m too serious. I’m serious as a motherf****r right now.”

To which Greene responded, “THAT is going to motivate people.”

She also used the appearance to further her cause, explaining that the ballot measure will make recreational use of marijuana completely legal for people over the age of 21.

Snoop Dogg’s interview with Charlo said a lot about the confusing state of marijuana legalization in Alaska. The state holds a stringent right to privacy in its constitution, and since 1975, that right has been applied to mean that residents can grow and use small amounts of marijuana in their homes. Still, they face arrest and a court date, even though the court will later have to throw the case out.

The result has made it so people often don’t even know marijuana is technically legal. The new ballot initiative aims to end the ambiguity and get the police and the courts on the same page.

For Alaskan voters the last day for mail-in registration to vote will be October 5. As Charlo Greene explained in the Snoop Dogg interview, a lot of people still are not registered and the deadline is approaching fast.

[Image Credit: Bob Bekian/Wikimedia Commons]