Underwear Bomber Pleads Guilty

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 24-year-old who tried to blow up a plane using an underwear bomb on Christmas Eve, 2009, entered a plea of guilty today in Federal Court a day after testimony began at his trial began. The underwear bomber, who has been linked to Al Qaeda, was unapologetic for his actions.

Abdulmutallab took the stand today and explained that he was fulfilling a religious duty when he tried to blowup the plane. Reuters reports that Abdulmutallab’s terrorist attack was meant to avenge the Muslim civilians who have been killed in Yemen and Afghanistan by US forces.

The underwear bomber said:

“In late 2009, in fulfillment of a religious duty, I decided to participate in a jihad against the United States.”

Despite the advice of his lawyer, Abdulmutallab plead guilty to 8 felony counts. The underwear bomber will be sentenced on charges including conspiracy to commit terrorism, attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction on January 12th. He is expected to get life in prison.


The underwear bomber admitted that he had broken US law but not Islamic law. Abdulmutallab also issued a threat against the United States in his 5-minute statement today. He said:

“The U.S. should be warned that if they continue to kill and support those who kill innocent Muslims, then the U.S. should await a great calamity … or God will strike them directly… If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later.”

Abdulmutallab previously admitted to U.S. investigators that he had received training he had received training from al Qaeda militants in Yemen.

Do you think the Underwear Bomber will receive a life sentence?