Mila Kunis Home Birth: Did Ashton and Mila’s Baby Already Arrive?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are ready to welcome their first baby, but Life & Style is reporting that the actress may have already given birth at home “out of the public eye.” While it’s clear from from photos of her giant baby bump that Mila could be just days away from giving birth, Gossip Cop states that Life & Style’s report about Mila delivering the couple’s first child home is completely false, and that the magazine’s story is totally misleading.

Sources tell Gossip Cop that the story about Kunis giving birth at home is “100 percent false” and no, the baby has not arrived yet. Photographs of Mila taken on Wednesday prove that she is still very pregnant, with E! Online posting photos of a very pregnant Mila out shopping with a friend at Target on Wednesday.

ashton mila baby

Kunis’ shopping cart was loaded up with what appeared to be baby girl’s clothing, fueling more rumors that Ashton and Mila are will soon be welcoming a daughter into their lives. Of course, they’ve kept everything from the due date to the sex of their baby under wraps, so all of the baby gossip is strictly hearsay.

What is very clear is that Ashton is excited for his baby son or daughter to arrive. On Wednesday night, he tweeted a photo and the words, “Nesting…Too much?” The picture was of a slew of toys, including a large collection of stuffed animals.

For those trying to figure out if they were toys for a girl or a boy, unfortunately they were gender neutral, confirming that Ashton and Mila are trying to keep as much personal information about their baby away from the public as possible.

E! Online reports that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are as ready as can be, with sources close to the couple stating that the nursery is ready, and they are “excited” and “just waiting” for their new baby make to arrive. Kutcher has also been making “dry-runs to the hospital” to see how long it will take them to get there when the big day arrives.

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