Australian ISIS Supporter Shot Dead After Stabbing Police

An 18-year-old Australian man was shot to death outside a police station in suburban Melbourne on Tuesday evening after stabbing two police officers, who had monitored him for months because of his support for ISIS.

Abdul Numan Haider allegedly made inquiries about Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s movements and reportedly waved an ISIS flag at a local mall, according to Time. He was also one of 40 to 60 individuals in Australia who recently had their passports cancelled amid fears they would leave the country to join ISIS. Haider reportedly met two officers outside of the Endeavour Hills police station before assaulting them with a knife, stabbing them repeatedly.

“The incident took place in the course of normal greetings; so, meeting with the individual, shaking hands, introducing and then the incident unfolded,” said Australian Federal Police Commander Bruce Giles.

A 43-year-old Australian Federal Police officer was stabbed in the face, neck, and forearm, according to The Daily Mail, while a Victoria Police senior constable was slashed in the forearm. The Victorian officer fired a single shot, which killed Haider. Both men were hospitalized, and are in stable condition.

Prior to the incident Tuesday night, Australian authorities had been investigating Haider as a person of interest, according to ABC News. While he did not make a specific threat against the Australian Prime Minister, he did inquire about Abbott’s plans to travel to Melbourne. Images posted to Haider’s Facebook account last week show him holding up an Islamic flag that has been appropriated by ISIS.

“The main message I’m sending with these statuses and photos is to the dogs AFP and ASIO who are declaring war on Islam and Muslims,” read one post.

While police did not comment on the threats Haider allegedly made, Victorian Chief Police Commissioner Ken Lay explained why authorities expressed concerned over his statements.

“What we saw did cause some concerns which resulted in us taking some interest in him,” he noted. “It’s true to say late last week we learned of some behaviors that were causing us significant concern and our interest was greatly heightened.”

The Age reports that Haider was carrying two knives, and planned to use the larger one to behead officers before draping them in the ISIS flag and posting pictures on the internet, an allegation police refused to confirm. ISIS had previously released a statement instructing supporters to kill American, French, and Australian nationals, as The Inquisitr reported.

[Image via ABC]

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