Michael Brown Memorial Burned, Ferguson Riots Erupt Again [Video]

A Michael Brown memorial was burned last night, prompting riots to erupt in Ferguson once again. A group described by some as an angry mob smashed the windows of Beauty Town, a beauty supply store. Gunshots were also heard during the looting, according to witnesses in the town of Ferguson.

The St. Louis County Police Department affiliate KMOV-TV reported that officers arrived on the Beauty Town scene in Ferguson shortly after 9 p.m. Witnesses said the police officers attempted to break up the crowd, which was allegedly chanting various Michael Brown slogans.

“This is the third time we’ve been hit,” the Beauty Town owner told KMOV-TV. According to the Ferguson businessman, he has suffered $100,000 in lost merchandize and property damage since the Michael Brown shooting by police officer Darren Wilson.

Four police officers were reportedly hit with rocks during the latest wave of Ferguson riots. Seven arrests were made and two police cruisers were damaged after the burning of the Michael Brown memorial. Just a few hours after burning incident occurred, local officials announced that the annual Ferguson Music Festival was being cancelled due to safety concerns.

Some Ferguson residents feel authorities are “caving in” by canceling the music festival. Representatives from the “I Love Ferguson Committee” said they group wants to promote good things about the town, and canceling the annual music festival harms the image of the neighborhood and hurts area businesses.

The fire started around 6:30 a.m. on Canfield Drive – the street where Mike Brown was shot on August 9 by the local police officer. One of the community members gathered around the memorial debris said many residents were angry about what had happened to the site, and said he felt like a grave had been desecrated.

“I think it’s a tragedy. I’m opposed to the decision that is being made,” committee member Brian Fletcher said. He went on to say that residents need something positive to look forward to after all the rioting.

Some reports that emerged after the memorial was found burning stated that candles around the site maybe have caused the blaze. Some Ferguson residents said it was too moist out for such a fire to start on its own, and did not believe one candle could do so much damage. The St. Louis Dispatch reported that some witnesses gathered around the Mike Brown memorial said they smelled gasoline. Ferguson Police Department spokesman Devin James said the cause of the memorial fire is currently under investigation.

What do you think about the Michael Brown memorial burning and the Ferguson rioting?

[Image via: Twitter]