Islamic State Sympathizers Plotted To Behead Entire Scandinavian Family On Camera

As America’s war on terror intensifies against the Islamic State — also known as ISIS — in Syria and Iraq, numerous terror threats further afield, particularly in Europe, have had anti-terror agencies on full alert.

According to the EU counter-terrorism chief, Gilles de Kerchove, who spoke to AFP on Tuesday, an estimated 10 percent of ISIS fighters in the Middle East are of European origin. This has given rise to the fear that they may return “home” and carry out terror attacks.

According to a report on Norway’s NRK TV network, that threat is now becoming a reality, as intelligence in the Scandinavian country reportedly just foiled a plot by Danish Muslims sympathetic to the ISIS “cause” to break into the home of either a Danish or Norwegian family and behead them on camera.

The alleged plot is similar to the one recently uncovered in Australia, where a group of pro-ISIS terrorists planned to kidnap and behead a random member of the public and distribute footage of the killing online as “revenge” for anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

Due to the backlash that countries like Norway and Denmark face from their Muslim communities, Norwegian officials declined to comment on the plot to behead its citizens, as reported in the media.

The website reported that a Norwegian terror expert told them that the plot had been confirmed by “multiple sources,” and in his opinion, was a real one.

Recently, another Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang, claimed security services were on the alert for a group of ISIS terrorists on its way back to the country to carry out a knife attack against Norwegian civilians.

The publication reported at the time that four suspected terrorists reportedly landed in Athens, Greece, on their way to carry out the attack, but their current whereabouts are unknown.

The alleged ISIS plot in Norway to behead a family was foiled by anti-terror authorities, which have so far been reticent about the exact details.