Christie 85 Pounds: NJ Governor Loses 85 Pounds After Lap Band Surgery [Report]

Chris Christie has reportedly lost 85 pounds following lap band surgery. According to On Politics by USA Today, Christie had the surgery over a year ago, after several failed attempts to lose weight on his own. A doctor reportedly advised Christie to lose weight for health purposes, and discussed the surgery with him. The decision was made shorty after, and Christie is said to be having a lot of success since.

“At a town hall meeting in May, Christie took a compliment from a woman who said he looks ‘smaller’ before modifying her remark by saying he is ‘much smaller than I used to be.'”

Christie lost 85 pounds over the course of the year and a half, which is definitely a significant amount of weight. It is unknown how much weight his doctor projected he would lose if he had a successful surgery, but he is likely almost at his goal weight. According to The New York Daily News, Christie’s weight loss may be coming at just the perfect time. With potential plans to run for office in 2016, Christie is ensuring that his health is in order so that he can focus on a campaign… and maybe more.

Christie has not officially announced his intention to run for president of the United States just yet, however, he is said to be one of the Republican front runners. Other names being thrown around when it comes to the GOP include Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio. Of course there is a chance that two of these names will appear on one ticket as well. Many republicans would like to see a Romney/Christie ticket… but it’s unknown if either politician will even run.

Not surprisingly, Chris Christie has had a fair share of criticism over the past few years. Aside from people cracking jokes about his weight, Christie has been slammed for other things as well — such as the now infamous “Bridgegate.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Christie allegedly considered resigning after he was accused of shutting down the George Washington Bridge to punish people for not supporting his re-election bid. This all went down back in January.

“Anonymous sources are now indicating that Chris Christie may be resigning Thursday. He has now gone into hiding and in damage control and will not speak to the press.”

Christie obviously didn’t resign… and he seems to be doing a-okay nine months later.

[Photo courtesy of Mel Evans/Associated Press via The Washington Post]

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