NFL Fan Fight: Cardinal And 49er Fans’ Brawl Bloody And Ugly (Video)

Apparently taking a cue from Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins players who started fighting after their game on Sunday, some San Francisco 49ers fans got into it with host Arizona Cardinals fans Sunday in Glendale, AZ in an ugly and bloody affair that involved both men and women.

CBS San Francsico reports the brawl erupted at the beginning of half time, high in the upper decks overlooking the 50 yard line.

While it’s difficult to distinguish between 49ers and Arizona Cardinal fans because both teams’ colors are red and white, the initial shouting within the simmering crowd quickly boils over. At the same time, one girl on the left seems unperturbed, calmly taking a pull off her beer as the shoving, and throwing of fists, erupts.

Arizona 49er fight drink beer
One fan takes a sip of her beer as a violent fight erupts to her left.

The first person to go flying seems to be a young woman who is in the middle of the melee but possibly takes a punch from a large mustachioed man in a red number 8 jersey. The girl gets knocked backward over the seats into a lower aisle, is helped back to her feet by a good Samaritan, then fearlessly jumps back into the chaos.

At this point, punches are clearly being thrown and a shirtless man in an Arizona Cardinals helmet is in the center of the brawl. The high stadium seating features steep stairs, and in a literal wave of humanity, the helmeted chap goes head over heels with several others, the possibility of someone getting hurled off the deck seemingly a distinct possibility.

Arizona, San Francisco, fans fight
Arizona and San Francisco fans come up swinging during an ugly brawl Sunday.

The pile ends up at the bottom of the stairs, however, with no one going over, and out of the tribal chaos appears the Arizona Cardinal helmet-wearing individual locked in combat with what appears to be the large mustachioed man in the red number 8 jersey. The Arizona Cardinal fan absorbs some punches to the face as another man arrives and appears to punch mustachioed number 8 and they all launch in a pile down a lower set of concrete stairs in a brutal fall.

49er, Cardinal fans brawl
49ers and Cardinal fans continue to brawl after tumbling down multiple flights of stadium stairs. Security was ultimately able to secure the bloody scene.

To their credit, stadium security is quickly on the scene attempting to separate the combatants, absorbing much abuse themselves, and a disturbing amount of blood also begins to appear.

The shameful event concludes with security gaining control, one security team member in particular having to fight his way out from the bottom of the pile emerging with his shirt covered in blood and professionally securing the stairway. Please be forewarned that footage of the violent fight, below, is graphic.

As for the game, the Arizona Cardinals beat San Francisco, 23-14.

[Images and video via YouTube]

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