Mick Jagger And Harry Styles Good Friends

Mick Jagger has some years on Harry Styles — 50, in fact — but that hasn’t stopped the Rolling Stones frontman from becoming close friends with the One Direction singer. The physical resemblance between the two and their similar reputations for being ladies’ men has led to many comparisons in the media. Sugarscape even noticed the similarities back in 2011.

Now it seems Jagger and Styles have taken it upon themselves to get to know one another, and have developed a sincere mutual admiration.

Back in May, Jagger tweeted a message to Harry about the Stones’ Portugal tour. Thinking One Direction was due to hit Lisbon soon, Jagger quipped, “we are here now, keeping it hot for you!” Styles’ response: “Hope you have a good show tonight.. I’ll always welcome warmth. We’ll be in Porto but I’ll wave… Hi Elizabeth!”

That was a particularly special night in Lisbon because The Rolling Stones were joined onstage by another legendary rocker, Bruce Springsteen. The Stones tour was interrupted earlier this year after the death of Mick Jagger’s partner L’Wren Scott.

In July, Sugarscape reported the pair met for drinks in Stockholm after Harry took in a Stones show.

According to the Belfast Telegraph today, a source told The Sun newspaper that Mick and Harry have become close friends in recent months. Contrary to expectations, this is not a case of a seasoned rock ‘n roller passing on his wisdom to the younger generation.

“Mick’s not a massive fan of their music because he’s a rocker to the core, but he thinks they’re lovely young lads and took a shine to Harry. He invited him to a special party during the Stones’ tour and they instantly hit it off.

They swapped numbers and now regularly phone each other just to chat. Harry can’t believe it.

It’s very much a friendship. Mick isn’t trying to be a mentor or anything like that, which is why Harry likes him so much.

Harry made it clear he was a big fan of Mick but never expected he’d take any notice. But people kept telling Mick how much Harry looked like a younger version of him so he started to investigate One Direction.”

The Mirror mused that Styles and Jagger would not have much opportunity to socialize in the coming months, as One Direction tours the U.S. and the Stones perform shows in Australia. However, since they are both globe-trotting musicians, one never knows when their paths might meet again.

[Mick Jagger: Getty Images; Harry Styles: Pacific Coast News]

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