World War 3 A Jewish Zionist Conspiracy Out Of Israel? Russia And Ukraine War Bring Antisemitism To Light

The potential for World War 3 to occur in 2014 has generally been blamed on aggression either by Russia or the United States and its NATO allies. But some conspiracy theories insist a Jewish Zionist conspiracy theory is pulling the strings from behind the scenes despite all evidence to the contrary.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some say Vladimir Putin essentially threatened World War 3 by claiming that Russia's military could successful take over various capital cities of countries in eastern Europe. In addition, former presidential adviser Andrey Illarionov claimed that Putin has been planning for a major war since at least 2003. But Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, suggests that the U.S. and Russia need to stop squabbling over Ukraine and instead enlist Putin to focus on the larger threat of the Islamic State.

While global politics can be nasty, antisemitism and the rise of Jew hate has increasingly become worse in recent years. Mobs have marched the streets while throwing Nazi-like salutes and gone out of their way to destroy Jewish businesses in all corners of the world. But part of this Jew hate includes the desire to blame the Jewish people for any ills that plague the world.

For example, a recent report by the Independent European Daily Express conflated President Barack Obama's about Russia, Ukraine, and Syria at the United Nations General Assembly with the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists.

"In his speech, replete with political double standards, Obama avoided mentioning the killings and devastation caused by Israel with its relentless bombings and air strikes in Gaza - deploying weapons provided mostly by the United States.

"'Russian aggression in Europe,' he said, 'recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition.' (read: Israel and its illegal settlements in the occupied territories).

"'The brutality of terrorists in Syria and Iraq forces us to look into the heart of darkness.' (read: the brutality of Israel in Gaza in 2014 and the killings of over 2,100 Palestinians, mostly civilians)."

Notice how this attack on Israel's defense of itself does not make any reference to how Israel attempted multiple ceasefire agreements during the Gaza war. It's also believed the Hamas terrorists are rebuilding their tunnels and creating new rockets in hopes of launching another Gaza war. Hamas leaders have also said they plan to "liberate Palestine with legitimate resistance weapons." The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas even rejected an Egyptian proposal to resettle the Palestinians in a large tract of land in the Sinai Peninsula, which would have ended their status as "refugees" instantly. Despite this information, $550 million has poured in from U.N. donors, Hamas continues to arm for war, and people continue to insist Israel is at fault.

Israel Commando Ukraine

Some antisemitic websites go even further and specifically claim that the Jews in Israel are trying to start World War 3. This conspiracy theory begins with the fact that an Ukrainian-born former IDF soldier headed a force of 40 men and women during the initial protests in Ukraine at the beginning of the year. This starting point is used to justify the idea that "Zionists pressured the US & UK to provoke Russia and China, and wage war against Syria and Iran" in order to "instigate a 3rd World War to benefit Israel." After World War 3 is over, and the rest of the world is in ruins, it's claimed that Israel would annex countries throughout the Middle East to expand its borders.

The other major conspiracy theory is that Israel is not directly pushing for World War 3 and instead it is Jews using other countries to do their whims. People who claim that America and NATO are the aggressors, not Russia, are even interviewed by esteemed media outlets like Reuters, so it's not like this general debate over who is at fault for the Ukraine crisis is considered a conspiracy theory. But purveyors of Jew hate like Real Jew News specifically claim that World War 3 is a U.S. conspiracy where Zionists are secretly pulling the strings.

"It's a Jewish War on Holy Russia. America's just a bat in the hands of the Jews. Ukraine's another bat. Jews don't want peace. Ukraine's a failed state that's fuel for the fire stoking Jewish hatred of Russia."
The antisemitic website even specifically claims Jews in America are trying to start World War 3.
"Recent calls by Jewmerica and its NATO military arm to deploy a long-planned missile defense system on Russia's western border is meeting resistance by most of Europe, especially Germany. Germany argues that since America (and Jewmerica's NATO) has "spent years" insisting that a Missile Defense Shield was not directed at Russia but against Iran, it would harm NATO's credibility to suddenly justify the Shield as aimed at Russia. Be that as it may, Jewmerica and its global NATO arm have gotten away with SO MANY LIES that one more lie will not deter their pernicious intentions to spark World War 3 against Russia."
In general, the idea of World War 3 has become synonymous with nuclear weapons, although Pope Francis did say WW3 has started as scattered conflicts all over the globe. No one wants nuclear war, especially the Jewish people. A single nuclear weapon could wipe out the entire country and Israel's "Samson option" would unleash a massive nuclear retaliatory strike. Even if Israel was not directly involved in any of the fighting it's very possible their enemies would use the world's confusion to wage war just like in 1948.

So how would Israel benefit materially in any of these scenarios? In the end, the idea that Jews want World War 3 seems to have blind antisemitism at its core, not facts.