Oklahoma Bull Rider Dies During Rodeo In Freak Accident, Bull Lacerates Throat

An Oklahoma bull rider was killed this weekend following a tragic accident. The accident happened during the Cherokee Strip TCRA Rodeo Saturday evening in Perry, Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma medical examiner tells News9 that 25-year-old Shane Greene died from a laceration after a bull stepped on his throat. The tragedy has left the entire rodeo community mourning the loss of one of their own. However, in wake of the tragedy, Greene’s family is now speaking out. Shane’s brother Chad Greene says, “His passion was bull riding. That’s what he loved. That’s what he lived. I was on the back on the bucking shoots. My brother always wanted me to be there with him.”

Prior to the accident, Shane posted to his Facebook page that he would be attending the event in Perry. He notes that it had been a while since his last ride as he had pulled his groin. However, he was hoping it would “hold up” for Saturday night.

Everything was going as normal at the rodeo when Shane entered the shoot for his run.

“He was making every jump with that bull just like he should have.”

However, when Shane fell off the bull, something unexpected and tragic happened. The bull’s hoof lacerated Shane’s throat when it stepped on him. Chad said he didn’t know what had happened, or how badly his brother was injured, until he saw Shane get up and start running while holding his neck. At this point, Chad knew it was bad. Medics at the rodeo were unable to save the bull rider, as he died from his severe wound.

Chad says he is happy that he got to be there with his brother for those last few moments.

“I’m just glad I was there that last night for him. I’m glad he could hear a familiar voice those moments.”

The Sumner Rodeo Co. addressed the issue directly on their Facebook page.

“The Sumner Rodeo Co. lost one of our Bull Riding family. Shane Greene passed away, from injuries he received from a bull riding accident last night. Shane had come to our Winter Series and had won the Novice Buckle, he also had come to our summer rodeos. Phil says “We considered him a good friend and an all around nice guy. He will be missed” Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. The Good Lord got a great one.”