News Anchor Announces He’s About To Die On Air [Video]

Illinois news anchor Dave Benton recently started out his newscast the same way he has for nine years at WCAI, but an important detail was different. Instead of discussing current events, Benton looked into the camera and told viewers that his brain tumor has become inoperable, and that he would be dead within five to six months, first reported CBS News.

You can watch the video of Dave’s revelation below.

Benton looks directly into the camera to give the audience matter-of-fact details about the impending loss of his battle with cancer.

“As you know, I told you a few days ago that my brain cancer was back. But I have learned in the last few days, as I have seen doctors several times, I’m learning more about what my future holds. Basically, my cancer is back and it’s too big for surgery and radiation. Doctors have told me that I may have four to six months to live.”

Benton began working for the TV station almost nine years ago. His co-anchor appeared to hold back tears as she remarked that she would miss him, but Dave remained strong throughout the intense revelation to his public.

“It’ll be nine years [at WCIA-TV] in about three weeks, and I’m dedicated to continue good work. I want to know that there’ll be a moment, where I will stop a moment and say, ‘I hope I did good work to our viewers, I served them, I did things well,’ and I want to take an opportunity for that to make sure it happens.”

Although we’re not completely sure of how his normal audience has reacted, Twitter reactions to Benton’s cancer announcement were overwhelmingly supportive.

Dave Benton will leave behind a wife and two children. According to The New York Post, Dave is life-long Illinois resident — he grew up in Addison outside of Chicago and later graduated from Northern Illinois University.

[Image via CBS 3]