Public School Teacher Facing Suspension After Posting Offensive Tweet About Pregnant Student

Social media platforms are relatively resourceful for connecting with others. However, there are professional downfalls that can come with the use of social media. One Wyoming, Michigan teacher unfortunately learned this the hard way.

According to WOOD-TV, a Wyoming public school teacher is currently facing suspension after posting an offensive tweet about a pregnant student. On Thursday, September 4, the teacher took to Twitter with an insulting personal opinion of the unnamed student.

“I’m sure the girl who is taking my economics class for the second time will make an excellent mom come December. #sarcasm,” the tweet read.

Then, to make matters worse, no one actually knew the student was pregnant until the teacher posted the shocking tweet. Another teen who viewed the tweet reported the teacher to 24 Hour News 8. Several students also informed school administrators of the tweet on Tuesday, September 9, reports MLive.

Wyoming Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reeder released a detailed statement about the teacher’s behavior. He made it clear that the school system will not tolerate such actions from its educators. Reeder revealed the teacher took full responsibility for the careless action and expressed deep remorse for such blatant disregard for the student’s privacy.

He also stated the teacher had been placed on a 13-day unpaid suspension. The suspension is only for 13 days because any longer penalty would enact the Michigan Teacher Tenure Commission action.

“I appreciate that the teacher took full ownership of it and understands that but there is consequences to it. She’s being punished because as a teacher, we cannot do that. As a public figure that has the right to see things as would a medical doctor, as would a lawyer, we’re held not only to a different standard the way we live, but where we are privileged to have information, we have that information to make children — to help adults — move forward not to cause other issues. And in this case, there were other issues.”

The teacher’s Twitter account has also been deactivated. Do you feel a 13-day unpaid suspension is a substantial punishment for the teacher’s actions? Share your thoughts.

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