Retired Police Officer Shoots Own Son To Death After Argument

Sad story to report out of Florida where an 18-year veteran of the Orlando Police Department shot and killed his 21-year-old son after the two men became embroiled in an argument.

According to the Orlando Police Tim Davis, Sr., 47, was fighting with his son Tim David, Jr. over custody arrangements made for Davis Jr.’s child, at which point Sr., says he shot his son but didn’t mean to kill him in the exchange.

Davis Sr., said in an arrest affidavit:

“I was in a funk. I went and got my gun and I shot him,” while he went on to add, I did not mean to kill him. I have nothing to hide. I was not trying to kill him. I just lost it.”

After his statement he said his son hit him in the mouth and pushed him at which point he went out to his car, grabbed his gun and shot his son two times.


The retired police officer is now on the other side of the law where he’s currently facing first-degree murder charges where he will likely be found guilty based off his admission of guilt that doesn’t seem leave room for an argument of self defense.