Corvette Sales Screech To A Halt Due To Serious Issues

New Corvette models have a pair of problems which need to be addressed as soon as possible, and General Motors dealers have been told to stop the sales of the vehicles until the situation is under control.

According to Newsmax, General Motors admitted on Thursday that it was stopping the sales of 2015 Corvettes from General Motors lots and deliveries from the GM plant until issues with the parking brakes and airbags are corrected.

Newsmax reports around 2,000 Corvettes at the Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant or those waiting to be bought at dealerships have an airbag issue, and 800 other cars have an issue with the parking brake.

The airbag issues stem from a “suspect” part which is used to attach the airbag, and the parking brake issue comes from only one of a set of cables being attached, according to Reuters.

General Motors did not know how many 2015 Chevrolet Corvettes which have already been sold were affected by the issues, but a GM spokesperson did say that some the purchased Corvettes were suspected of having the same issues as the unsold Corvettes.

GM is not yet issuing a public recall of the Corvette models, and the company did not say if a recall later on will be necessary. However, a recall is expected to follow shortly.

Reuters explained there is typically a delay of several days between the time that a problem arises and “a recall triggered through U.S. safety regulators of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

So far, no crashes or injuries due to the issues in the 2015 Corvette models have been reported.

Corvette Emblem
Although 2015 Corvette models are not yet under recall status, a 2015 Corvette recall is expected soon.

The new Chevrolet Corvette has been the subject of stellar reviews and has sold well over recent months. About 2,600 Corvettes were sold in August 2014, which is about four times more than previous sales of 2014 Corvette models in August 2013.

The Detroit Bureau reported GM has issued 65 recalls, consisting of about 29.1 million vehicles, so far this year. Faulty ignition switches in around 2.6 million older models are blamed for 13 deaths. General Motors is faced with a record-breaking fine by federal safety regulators for the company’s long delay in acting to fix or react to the faulty ignition switches. GM is currently under investigation in a criminal probe by the U.S. Justice Department.

General Motors plans to inspect its Corvettes to decide whether each sports car needs a repair or two. Because the majority of Corvette vehicles have not been sold yet, GM hopes to contain the problem and fix them as quickly as possible.

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