Murder Fugitive Killed By SWAT Team, Found Living In The Forest

35-year-old California murder fugitive Aaron Bassler was killed by a SWAT team over the week. Bassler, a schizophrenic, had killed two people in Fort Bragg, California.

According to authorities Aaron was hiding out in the dense forest surrounding the area after killing the manager of a local conservation group on August 11. The fugitive broke into cabins for supplies, forcing authorities to close a popular hiking trail for fear he would strike again.

Bassler was killed by a 3-man SWAT team after being shot seven times upon his discovery.

According to the Mayor of Fort Bragg:

“It was a burden on everybody, just knowing that there was somebody out there that was willing to kill…Everybody understood that he was out in those woods.”

Police nearly caught Aaron Bassler on several occasions, including one time when a police dog managed to grab onto his backpack. On Thursday they closed in on the fugitive, exchanging gun fire as he attempted to fend off authorities once again.


Speaking about the fugitives tragic ending the son of a councilman that Bassler killed said:

“This was the only possible outcome for the scenario.”

If he would have been apprehended it’s likely Bassler would have plead insanity to any charges related to the killings.

No comments have been given at this time from the fugitive’s family or friends.