Sarah Palin Family Brawl: Bristol Punches Homeowner, Track Starts 20-Person Melee, Reports Say

Sarah Palin and her whole family were involved in a massive brawl at a house party in Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday night. The melee, involving as many as 20 people, was started by Palin's 25-year-old son, Track, according to reports out of Alaska on Wednesday.

Anchorage Police confirmed that the brawl took place, that it involved "multiple subjects" and that the Palin family was "present," according to the political site Wonkette. Because no arrests were made, police would not release names of individuals involved in the brawl.

But reports from political bloggers covering Alaska affairs paint a more colorful picture, featuring Bristol Palin punching the owner of the house where the party took place, and Sarah Palin — the former half-term governor of the state and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate — screaming, "Don't you know who I am?"

At the same time, according to the reports, someone else in the crowd shouted back at the Palin clan, "This isn't some damned Hillbilly reality show!"

While details of the mini-riot remain sketchy and the bloggers reports are second-hand, what appears to have happened, they say, is that the Palins arrived at a "snowmachine party" at the home of Chris Olds, two-time winner of the Iron Dog race, a 2,000-mile snowmobile race across Alaska held each year in February.

"When the Palins — who pulled up to the party in a stretch Hummer according to one of the reports — became unruly, Olds asked them to leave the party. Instead, Sarah Palin's 23-year-old daughter, Bristol, punched him repeatedly, witnesses told the Immoral Minority blog."
According to the reports, the party had been going on for some time when the Palins arrived. But soon after they made their entrance, Track Palin spotted a man who had once been involved in a relationship with his sister, Sarah Palin's 20-year-old daughter, Willow. For some reason yet to be specified, Track had an issue with this individual and an altercation ensued.

One witness told the blog that Tripp Palin, the six-year-old son of Bristol Palin, was also at the party, though the boy's role in the brawl, if any, was not clear.

"Witnesses said that when the fight broke up, Track Palin was seen, missing his shirt, standing on the street making an obscene gesture at other departing partygoers, with his mother Sarah Palin standing close behind him. The former governor and Fox News commentator's husband, Todd Palin, was seem with blood dripping from his mouth."
Police said that no arrests were made in the alleged Sarah Palin family brawl because none of the individuals involved chose to press charges.