Autonet Mobile: Rolling Wi-Fi Coming Soon To More Cars

Autonet Mobile is preparing to announce a new series of deals that'll bring its rolling Wi-Fi to a whole new line of cars.

Autonet Mobile's Model

Autonet Mobile launched its first major distribution deal just a few months ago. Chrysler started offering its routers built-in to new Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles last September. The automaker charges $449 for the dealer-installed device, then $29 a month for the Autonet Mobile Wi-Fi service.

The system runs over a 3G network and distributes the signal over a 100 foot range around the vehicle. Autonet Mobile had been developing the technology for three years prior to the Chrysler launch and had sold a smaller number of units through independent dealerships and car shops. The system had also been distributed through select Avis rental vehicles.

Autonet Mobile's Future

Autonet Mobile now says it has about 3,000 monthly customers, which provided a revenue of $1 million in 2008 -- a strong jump from its 2007's total of only $150,000. Now, the company's leaders have indicated they are "on the verge" of revealing distribution agreements with another automaker. So far, Autonet Mobile will only reveal it is "one of the 'Big Three.'"

Autonet Mobile execs have also said they are seeking a fresh round of funding to help fuel the growing demand for the company's product.