Photographs Of ISIS Children Beheading Innocent People Are Now Released

Over the past week, ISIS has been the central point of news when it comes to the security and safety of American citizens. The reason why is because there are reports that ISIS is now in the United States. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported about the terror group making serious threats against innocent American citizens. This includes the situation in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss in which a terror cell was located just a few miles away.

Despite the above news, some people believe the idea that ISIS could be in the United States is from the imaginations of a conspiracy theorist. However, we also reported there are twenty-two jihad terror training camps operating across the United States. Not to mention, there is also a report about a reporter masquerading as an ISIS terrorist who was able to get into our country across the Canadian border using a rented boat on Lake Erie. And if you want to see just how bad the protection at our borders is, a “jihad terrorist” crossed the Mexican border in the United States with a “severed head,” a stunt which shows just how unprotected we are if ISIS were to invade from the south.

This picture uploaded on Live Leak shows a child beheading a man during the act. The man being beheaded is possibly still alive as the hand over his mouth is probably there to muffle his anguished screams of suffering.

The situation with ISIS is a major problem that we as a nation needs to address. I am sure most of us have listened or at least watched was happening with terror groups in the Middle East, but ISIS is considered far worse than any previous terror group. If you want proof outside of the countless liters of innocent blood they have spilled, just look at how they are training their children to be “mini-jihad warriors.” We’ve reported how these children are trained to behead “infidels” using dolls, but thanks to Live Leak, a picture of a child actually beheading a man is making its rounds online.

Mad World News followed up on the picture uploaded by the initial source in which they report this is not the first time a photo of this graphic nature has surfaced. Recently, the son of an Australian ISIS terrorist posed with a severed head in his hands. The father was so proud that he posted the picture of his son on social media.

ISIS Child Beheading 2
This child, who’s father is an Australian ISIS militant, had his picture taken while holding a severed head. The picture was later uploaded onto social media.

It is evident that ISIS has a plan to train the younger generations to believe in their ruthless and barbaric extremist ideology. Just like the sources in this article report, we the people are facing an enemy unlike any we’ve ever dealt with as Americans.

Now that you’ve seen photographic evidence that ISIS is successfully training their children to behead “infidels” without remorse, we want to know what you think about this. Should our president and the United States government take a more aggressive stance against this terror threat? Do you think we the people stand a chance against ISIS if they were to invade the United States? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Images via Live Leak and Twitter]

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