‘ISIS Terrorist’ Crosses Border From Canada To America By Boat [Video]

A man dressed as an ISIS terrorist entered the U.S. from Canada across Lake Erie without getting caught.

This border crossing stunt is portrayed in the latest video from muckraking journalist James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas group to demonstrate border insecurity in this instance in Cleveland, Ohio’s, backyard. See embed below.

According to the video, the Border Patrol seldom monitors Lake Erie, while the Coast Guard shows up only occasionally.

The porous U.S.-Mexican border has received a lot of publicity given the recent illegal immigration surge, but apparently the Canadian border over water is also undefended assuming this video is accurate.

Operators of small pleasure vessels are supposed to check in with immigration officials via the honor system when they leave U.S. waters. Whether that occurs in practice is another matter.

Moreover, “hiring a small boat from Canada to the middle of Lake Erie could not be easier, and no one seemed to notice the terrorist on board,” O’Keefe claimed.

On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, O’Keefe pointed out that U.K. intelligence officials have revealed that hundreds of jihadis (including the individual that allegedly murdered American journalist James Foley) hold British passports, enabling them to fly to Canada without a visa. America is just a short boat ride away from Ontario. In the O’Keefe video, the make-believe ISIS terrorist walks into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame carrying a suspicious duffel bag without being stopped.

In a previous video, O’Keefe and company showed how someone dressed up like Osama bin Laden could cross the Rio Grande from Mexico to the U.S. undetected.

Although O’Keefe has his share of detractors for his particular brand of journalism, the Project Veritas team has exposed — primarily through undercover videos — possible election law violations by the Wendy Davis for governor campaign, the corrupt ACORN organization, other instances of voter fraud, apparent chicanery in the Obamacare navigator program, and revealed that some outspoken anti-gun journalists declined to post gun-free zone signs outside their own homes. His group also exposed potential abuses in the so-called Obamaphone program.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, an Infowars journalist dressed as an ISIS militant walked across the Mexican border into Texas near El Paso carrying a simulated severed head without being detained.

According to Judicial Watch, ISIS has targeted the Fort Bliss U.S. military base in El Paso for a possible attack.

Does a bogus ISIS terrorist easily crossing Lake Erie from Canada to the U.S. make you more or less confident about border security?