Prince Harry: Royal Biographer Reveals Truth About His Drinking And His Women

Royal biographer Penny Junor — author of Prince William, Born To Be King — has now turned her attention to the antics of his brother, Prince Harry.

The Daily Mail is carrying a revealing report from Junor about Harry’s wild lifestyle, and the reasons behind it. She says that there is no doubt that the emotional chaos of William and Harry’s childhood has deeply affected them both. But each has dealt with it in a different way.

William’s way of coping was to marry a girl from a happy and solidly middle-class family. He enjoys the Middleton family’s “normality.”

An old friend of Princess Diana talked about the Middletons’ home.

“It’s safe, and that regularity and consistency, which someone not in William’s position might find boring or too ordinary, is balm to his soul. You go there and you know what you’re going to get — you can predict it.”

Harry’s view of his brother’s in-laws is obviously not the same. Even though Harry gets on well with Kate, her family are almost too nice and conventional.

A friend says that Harry is a “bit rough around the edges,” and gives an example of Harry’s character.

“(He is)… the sort of guy who might start flicking food across a dinner table when you really wouldn’t expect someone in polite society to do that.”

In school, Harry struggled with the academic work, and in sports was widely regarded as a formidable and fiercely competitive opponent. The games helped release the anger that raged inside him. There’s no doubt that he was essentially an angry adolescent who drank a great deal more than was good for him.

He had problems being exposed to all the stories about his mother and her lovers, and the false whispers about him being the son of Diana’s lover, James Hewitt.

There was certainly a period when he behaved mindlessly as a person with too much money, too much privilege, and no self-control. Now an adult, he likes to party hard — and has virtually no limits when he goes on a “bender.”

Prince Harry Us Weekly Cover

As a young teenager, he was like a magnet when it came to attracting girls. For example, 16-year-old Harry stayed at the Hotel Walserhof in Klosters in 2001, and spent two nights with a young Swiss waitress partying in a local nightclub until 4 a.m.

A few months later, he was at a hunt ball drinking champagne and chatting up blonde model, 24-year-old Suzannah Harvey. Both of them disappeared into the cold night air — and later returned to their table covered in mud.

Luckily for Harry, most of the girls he’s been with over the years have not been the type to “kiss and tell.” A friend of Harry’s agrees.

“There’s definitely been a period when he’s lived what you can politely call a rock star lifestyle; and what’s so extraordinary is none of them sold their stories. Harry is a guy who likes a good time, but you never get women talking about it. He’s charming and, even if it was short-lived, they don’t want to dob him in. He’s got something about him that makes people want to do the right thing by him.”

His highly public relationship with Chelsy Davy was his first serious love affair. Although portrayed as a good-time girl whose love of vodka and late nights was second only to Harry’s, Chelsy is actually very bright and very ambitious, but hated all the unwanted publicity.

Their relationship ended after six years, but the split was amicable and the pair have remained friends. Prince Harry then had a two-year relationship with Cressida Bonas, but that also finished.

Now, the rumors are that he is serious about Camilla Thurlow, and The Inquisitr recently reported they were talking marriage.

Is Harry ready to settle down, or would he rather continue to play the field? Will marriage cause him to change his drinking habits?

Watch the tabloids to find out!

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