‘Little People, Big World’ Wedding Date Revealed: Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Botti Nuptials Just Ahead

There is a big wedding ahead for the Little People, Big World family, and fans cannot wait to go along for the ride. Viewers watched in the season premiere as Jeremy Roloff proposed to Audrey Botti, and it looks like their wedding is right around the corner.

Us Magazine reveals that Jeremy and Audrey will get married on September 20. Roloff proposed to Botti on March 15. He tells Us that as soon as he met her via a blind date he knew it would become something more. He adds that while they are great friends, and she’s easy to be with, she challenges yet supports him as well.

While the wedding is only a couple of weeks away at this point, there are still a lot of details for the Little Couple, Big World pair to pin down, it seems. They are still deciding on flowers and table settings, though they know what dessert will be. Jeremy and Audrey are going a bit non-traditional on this front. Rather than a cake, they will be doing little cobblers. From the sounds of things, they are working on the wedding planning hand-in-hand.

The new season of the TLC show has just started, as the initial episode gave fans a lot of fun moments they had been anxiously waiting to see. However, Matt and Amy Roloff remain separated. Just as Jeremy and Audrey work on their wedding, fans know that Zach recently got engaged as well. He proposed to Tori Patton at the end of April. It doesn’t appear that Zach and Tori have revealed their wedding date publicly quite yet.

According to TLC, this will be an extremely short season of the show with just a handful of episodes. However, viewers will get to see Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding. The big event will be at the family farm and it will be featured in the show’s season finale. Will the show be done after that? Fans may want to brace themselves that it will indeed, as for some time it did not look like the Roloffs would be back with new episodes at all.

As disappointed as fans will be to see the show end, everybody is thrilled it is coming back at least long enough for the wedding between Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti to be featured. Viewers have watched this couple throughout their courtship, as they first met in 2010.

The episode airing on Tuesday, September 9 is titled “The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together.” Expect to see plenty of wedding planning over the course of these next few episodes, but it won’t be an entirely smooth process from the looks of things. New episodes of Little People, Big World air on TLC on Tuesday nights with the big finale featuring Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti’s wedding airing in the last episode.

[Image via Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram]