Colin Powell Writing New Book, Will Be Released In May 2012

Colin Powell has a new book in the works and the four star-general says it will be released by HarperCollins in May 2012. The book is titled “It Worked for Me: Lessons in Leadership and Life.”

According to HaperCollins the books is:

“[A] collection of lessons and personal anecdotes that have driven the four star-general and former Secretary of State’s legendary career in public service.”

Speaking to the New York Times publisher Jonathan Burnham said Powell is “a truly inspirational figure.” Burnham then added:

“Decades of public service have proven him to be an unparalleled leader, a man who commands respect in many fields,”while adding, “His remarkable book distills his wisdom into memorable anecdotes and lessons, drawing from his life and career.”

For readers looking for tips from the former Secretary of State Powell includes 13 rules of leadership in his new offering.

While Colin Powell has written several books this will be his first offering that provides some insight into his years as the Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.

I’m interested to hear how Powell explains his time in public office even if my views don’t always align with his own. Will you be picking up a copy of “It Worked for Me: Lessons in Leadership and Life” when it goes on sale in 2012?