November 7, 2017
Chechen Leader Tells ISIS Following Putin Threat: 'You Bastards Will Be Destroyed'

Following a video threat posted by ISIS yesterday from the newly captured northern Syrian town of Tabqa and aimed at Vladimir Putin, the Russian President's friend and ally, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, responded by threatening ISIS, vowing that"these bastards" will be "destroyed."

The Chechen leader chose Instagram as his mode of communicating his message to the terrorists of ISIS -- also know as the Islamic State -- by way of response to their threat to Putin and Russia. And Kadyrov didn't hold back in telling them just what he thinks of them personally.

"I state with full responsibility that the one who had the idea to express a threat to Russia and say the name of the president of the country Vladimir Putin, will be destroyed, where he did it. I emphasize that they finish their days under the hot sun in Syria and Iraq, and in the first instant of death meet their eternal flames of Hell. Allahu Akbar!"
Apparently, the ISIS video, which was filmed aboard Russian jets captured by the Islamists at the Tabqa base, incensed Kaydrov as is clear from his comments on Instragram directed at the terrorists.

The interesting thing about Kadyrov's statements is that, unlike the standard statements against ISIS issued by leaders in the west, he appeared to be speaking to ISIS in their own language, using a much more threatening tone than the one they are used to.

In Ramzan Kaydrov's own words:

"I want to remind everyone who is planning something against our country, that Russia has worthy sons, ready to fulfill any order, wring the neck of any enemy in his own lair, wherever he may be. And we find ourselves with happiness ridding the world of these scum."
According to intelligence agencies the Saudi, British and Australian governments have "credible information" that ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have plans to launch a coordinated attack around the time of the Sept. 11 anniversary next week.

Fox News quoted a DEBKAfile report alleging that ISIS are planning an attack around September 11 in the Middle East, as well as somewhere in western Europe, although, according to the report, ISIS are holding off on an attack on mainland America for the time being.

While the U.S administration is aware the ISIS poses a threat to Americans, both in the U.S. and abroad, Matt Olsen, outgoing director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said Wednesday there is no indication of any Islamic State cells in the U.S., "full stop."

Nevertheless, emergency services, as well as law enforcement in Europe and America, will be on full alert on September 11, just in case a wide-scale terror campaign already planned by ISIS is carried out.